New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Badgley Mischka

Using Fritz Lang’s hallmark German Expressionist masterpiece Metropolis as inspiration, Mark Badgley and James Mischka presented an amazing homage full of rich metallics and structured form.

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The set was breathtaking with a magical New York Central Park background video replete with falling snow. The architectural skyline echoed both the film’s deco influence and the sleek lines of the collection.

The first beautiful dress indicated what was to come – burnished metallics of the bronze sequin chiffon with luxe beading on the shoulders.

Interestingly, the duo mixed both their high-end collection with their younger and lower priced Mark + James line. Here the gold and black tweed coat is from the collection while the pleated paillette top and antique gold lamé pant are from Mark + James.

The reference to the film was often seen in the details as with this Mark + James black crepe and plexi dress

Not sure I would wear this all together as they have layered it, but I loved these Mark + James pieces. Here is our black and gold fall theme in force with a moss metallic tweed and leather vest, black scuba jersey top and bronze pleated lamé skirt.

Mark + James offered several useful fall pieces that you could mix and match with other items in your wardrobe such as these black tops and metallic skirts

Pajamas have been quite the trend this spring and clearly these boys see them continuing for fall with this lamé set from Mark + James.

The geometrics and gold tones were played out more subtlely in this brocade coat and dressed down the metallic jersey top with the denim – all from Mark + James.

The end of the show featured the heavy hitting glamour for which Badgley Mischka is so well known. The rich green hues in these dresses were gasp worthy. And I loved how they used the organza for our elbow length glove trend.

Sometimes photos just can’t do justice to the runway. Both the pewter lamé brocade dress on the left and sinuous platino foiled crepe gown were stunning.

The show ended with this fabulous rose tulle, lamé and crystal gown. You will be seeing a lot of tulle and illusion for evening in the fall – it was in almost every collection.

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least make mention of the dramatic hair styles in the show. While not for everyday “consumption”, the free form dos were a great creative contrast to the slim structure and geometric details of the fashion. I was fascinated at how they accomplished the volume and found these photos to explain. Created by Peter Gray for Morocannoil, he wanted the hair to feel “light and airy” to create a disparity that echoed the tension in the film. I won’t go into the intricate technique used to create this effect but here are a few shots to illustrate the idea.

et voila!!

These shows are really full productions both conceptually and physically and it is really incredible to realize the thought, artistic expression and coordination that are involved.

all runway photos: Yannis Vlamos/   hair photos:

14 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Badgley Mischka

  1. What an amazing collection! They do such wonderful details on their pieces. Like Teresa above, many thanks for showing us all the beautiful shows from Fashion Week. Great coverage and I love your comments on trends and color direction.

  2. The clothing is all stunning and the backdrop…WOW! I’d say something about the hairdos but I accidently did something like that eons ago…can you say bad home perm?

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Wow, gorgeous show, and awesome coverage of the show. I love the fantastical element woven in with scenes from NY. Perfect — makes me fall in love with New York all over again, you know I mean? A city that’s been through so much in the bracket of 10 years, yearning to rebuild again. Shows like this really capture my imagination and makes me realize how NYC is a really a city to inspire dreams, to become truly truly great, again. I know, perhaps I’m reading too much into “just” a fashion show. :)))

  4. I really got the sense of what enormous productions these shows are from your blog post. This particular show was just beautiful, with its backdrop and New York theme. I have really enjoyed all your posts on fashion week.

  5. Wonderful coverage of this show! Rich colors, chic style and love the P.J. look – so comfy. That hair! Goodness, lots of patience to get those rollers in ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving all the wonderful comments. Enjoy your weekend!


  6. It is great fun to see these fashion shows. Now that my daughter has me hooked into the program “Fashion Fund” I enjoy and probably appreciate more seeing the final product of fashion designers. Yes, indeed, that final dress is stunning, glamorous…ethereal. And…I loved the hair style choice.

  7. Beautiful craftsmanship and line. Love the contrast between the very controlled designs of outfits and the wavy and fuzzy does. Snowy New York backdrop must have been stunning to see against the silhouettes. Thanks, Shelley!

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