Neuwirth’s Natural Beauty

Irene Neuwirth‘s statement jewelry has major IT girl appeal. Ever since college when she started dabbling with beaded jewelry as a hobby, people have been drawn to her unique sense of color and proportion. In 2000, with a capsule collection created from a tiny investment, Neuwirth sent her samples to Barney’s. They placed a major order and she has been on a sky rocket trajectory ever since. With star studded customers such as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, and Reese Witherspoon, Neuwirth has established herself as a major player in the crowded luxury jewelry marketplace.

I caught up with Neuwirth a couple weeks ago when she had a trunk show at Richard’s in Greenwich, CT who carries her collection. Natural and low key, she is the embodiment of her relaxed luxe style.

Necklace: Mint Chrysoprase, Chrysoprase and Rainbow Moonstone set in 18k Yellow Gold. Earrings: Chrysoprase with Rose Cut Diamonds set in 18k Yellow Gold

Neuwirth started seriously designing 11 years ago. She had been teaching horseback riding and her parents wanted her to find more stable employment. After landing the Barney’s account, she started working with Richard’s and Mitchell’s about 4 or 5 years ago and is now carried in upscale boutiques around the country. Inspired by her frequent travels, color and nature, Neuwirth uses only untreated natural stones. She launched her one-of-a-kind opal collection in 2008 which has developed into an incredible part of her business.

Pink Opal and Rainbow Moonstone necklace set in 18k Rose Gold

I asked Irene how she segued from making beaded jewelry to a more serious line using gem and semi-precious stones.

Kingman Turquoise and Mint Chrysoprase earrings with Diamond Pave set in 18k White Gold

She explained that after Barney’s she started working with a GIA professor and learned how to do all the wax carving and metalsmithing. For the first three years, she made everything herself. This mentoring process was important to learn the limitations and what’s really possible for when she later started working with manufacturers. She has since developed a signature look that is distinctive and recognizable. The earrings above and necklace below, both of which I thought suited me rather nicely, are perfect examples!

Aquamarine, Rainbow Moonstone, Rose of France, Chrysoprase, and Peach Moonstone necklace set in 18k Rose Gold

Of course Neuwirth acknowledges she was part of a lucky gene pool – her mother was a talented artist and her father a successful businessman.

Rainbow Moonstone and Diamond Pave necklace set in 18k Yellow Gold

Although Neuwirth no longer makes her jewelry herself, she oversees every single piece at her manufacturer in California. She described her process. It all starts with the stones. After buying rough stones at the gem show in Tucson, she has them custom cut in India into her unusual shapes and sizes. She plays with the stones until she has a sense of what she wants to do and then draws everything out with meticulous exacting detail. A model is first made in silver, altered yet again and then finally caste in gold.

Lapis and Rainbow Moonstone with Rose Cut Diamonds and Diamond Pave necklace set in 18k Yellow Gold

What a long way from crafting beaded jewelry in college! Neuwirth said if she could offer one piece of advice it would be to “go for it.” She really knew nothing when she started and gradually made it her business to learn it all. She stresses that you can’t wait for the stars to align – there is never that ideal moment when all is perfect. You just have to jump in, start and learn what is needed as you go!

Mint Chrysoprase with Diamond Pave earrings set in 18k Yellow Gold. Chrysoprase, Mint Chrysoprase and Rainbow Moonstone necklace set in 18k Yellow Gold

She doesn’t organize her pieces for specific price points. She works more aesthetically than practically, creating an entire collection twice a year. She makes what she loves and it just somehow falls into a collection organically.

Labradorite necklaces set in 18k Rose Gold


Mint Chrysoprase with Rose Cut Diamonds necklace set in Yellow Gold
Labradorite Ring with Diamond Pave set in 18k Rose Gold

All the beautiful gold chains are hand made.

Mint Chrysoprase with Diamond Pave necklace set in 18K Yellow Gold. The chain is 18k Yellow Gold with Large Link

If Santa is reading, don’t you think this beautiful Labradorite and diamond necklace and earrings look just perfect on me? The rose gold is so complementary.

I asked Neuwirth if there were any other creative endeavors she was interested in. Her answer? A luxury home collection encompassing tabletop (china, candlesticks, flatware etc) and fabrics. You heard it here first – I would be on the lookout for the development of the next stage of her luxury brand in the not too distant future.

19 thoughts on “Neuwirth’s Natural Beauty

  1. green is my color! my 3rd grade teacher designed jewelry and i think all girls need to learn to create from the heart. what stunning designs.

  2. I am seriously in love. Not familiar with her but am furiously revising my Christmas list!!!! OMG, these are soooo beautiful, so my taste. Love the materials she uses and the scale of the pieces makes them real showstoppers! I am off to investigate now…thanks.

  3. Hmm, I might have to forward this post to Santa in case he still hasn’t gotten anything for me this year. The color is just stunning. And I love her approach to her business — that she designed every piece for awhile to understand what’s possible. And her “go for it” philosophy is inspiring. BTW, I think the Labradorite necklace and earrings would be gorgeous on you!

  4. Wow. Oh my goodness. I am in love with her work. Thanks for the introduction. Seriously, her pieces are stunning! I love bold, statement pieces yet it is a fine balance between perfection and too much. She has it mastered…all of her pieces are truly fab! XOXO.

  5. I have one of those beaded necklaces from her 1st collection
    at Barney’s. You would never recognize it as hers.
    I can’t touch her jewelry now but she deserves all the success.
    She’s very talented.

  6. Q,
    I dream of owning just one of Irene’s designs!!! How fun that you met her. Live everything you tried on. I know you’ve been a very good girl. Perhaps Santa will drop one in your stocking!!

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