Lunch with Jamee at J. McLaughlin

Last week I attended a fun book signing/luncheon event at the new J. McLaughlin store in Westport. Unlike the other 44 smaller outposts of the company, this huge 5,500 square foot flagship store is arranged into charming thematic boutiques within the large loft-like space. It is a delight to walk through and come upon one casually chic vignette after another.

It’s like a vicarious travel narrative. It was easy to imagine that after our short Vespa ride, we ended up at this fun beach bungalow bar for a refreshing limonata.

All documented by talented Patricia van Essche‘s beautiful illustrations that grace the company’s ads and editorials.

J. McLaughlin’s classic American style offers many options for updating one’s casual summer wardrobe. From everyone’s favorite blue and white

to the candy colored array of stripes

or something for 4th of July

there’s something for her


and theirs.

And there are certainly a plethora of choices beyond the ubiquitous stripes. Check out how chic marketing coordinator Connie Dirvin looks in her hand screened silk halter top and popsicle colored cardigan here with President and CEO Steven Siegler.

The ever stylish Jamee Gregory was on hand to sign copies of her insider entertaining book “New York Parties: Private Views“.  She and Frank E. Smurio Jr., a summer vision in pastels, chatted on the couch

while visitors grazed on delicious offerings from Kelsey Banfield’s The Naptime Chef, below on right with blogging friend Jessica Ryan of The Entertaining House.

The store was hopping with stylish Fairfield County women who arrived to purchase books and shop the new location. Cristina Moreno de la Cova, Victoria Amory and Marta Hernandez, on hand to greet and meet, were certainly enjoying themselves!

And meet Eliza Madison, J. McLaughlin’s Manager of Public Relations, who is also the store’s twitter peep!!

Not only is the large and gracious store wonderful for selling but J. McLaughlin is committed to being an integral part of the Fairfield County community, using the space for worthwhile philanthropic causes.  They have hosted groups such as Music for Youth, SpinOdyssey 2010 (American Cancer Society) etc., with plans to hold monthly gatherings with a wide range of local organizations and talents (artists, photographers, authors, designers etc). Just more reasons to frequent this wonderful spot!

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33 Responses to Lunch with Jamee at J. McLaughlin

  1. Jane says:

    WOW! What a fabulous looking shop. It is so great to shop in places where they take time in their merchandising and displays. It really shows. I must remember to get a few more striped tops for the summer.

  2. How fantastic that not only look good but do good too! I love the Hermes inspired tops. Gorgeous!

  3. pve says:

    Sorry I could not be in two places at once! I was in the city for “Partnership for Children” which was another great event. Love knowing that I sketched the first 3 J.McLaughlin shops and now there are over 4o plus fun shops in fab locales. Perhaps you might think of a wine tasting there? You do have such an wealth of knowledge and talents. Fantastic shop, bravo to Steve, Connie, and the McLaughlin team.

  4. I love JMclaughlin and tons of their wonderful things in my closet, but I must get to that sounds amazing and unlike any of the others! Thats one big store, must be so much fun to shop in. I would have loved to make a day trip to attend this, I love her book and have gotten some great recipes and ideas from it. I love that the store lends its space to being civc and community minded. Thanks for sharing the highlights….

  5. Dash says:

    Oh it looks enchanting, I love it!

  6. I just went to their website–it is great. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. I love J McLaughlin and what a fun event!! xx

  8. Have heard so much about the store but haven’t ventured there yet! Looks like a trip worth taking!

  9. Splendid Market says:

    What a terrific looking shop! I love that striped bar. how fun to visit an event on the other side of the country – thank you!

  10. I rarely make it to Wesport, being a creature of habits when it comes to fashion, I always head to Greenwhich Avenue or of course NYC where I spent my week days. thanks to your post, I am motivated to check the store our and walk around wesport. It’s been too long…

  11. The Zhush says:

    What a great day! The book, the clothes, the PVE art…really enjoyed seeing and reading about it all.

  12. Such the quintessential hub to host, outfit and platform for other amazing people and events. Stylish places and friendly places! Love everyone’s outfits :) XO, Kelly

  13. I have got to check it out the next time I head to Westport for a Dovecote fix ( another of my favorite stores up there),
    Best, Lynn

  14. Thanks Stacey! We were so happy to have you there to share in the excitement of the day. We appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for the store!! Connie

  15. Thanks Stacey! We were so happy to have you there to share in the excitement of the day. We appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm for the store!!

  16. Oh, it’s like a vacation in a shop! I love all those sailor stripes. And I spy a little PVE art. So stylish!

  17. Thank you for sharing this shop! I love the white pants and striped shirts. I saw a navy buttoned cardigan I like too.
    Have a nice day!

  18. Now you have to know how much I am loving this post! I keep rading about the new store and it is on the list of *musts* (not maybes) the next we’re back, it looks just fabulous. I love the way Jamee and Frank’s mint greens blend, what a beautiful color!

    Thanks so much for sharing the goodness!

  19. Oops. That would be “reading,” not “rading”.
    Mortified in Michigan

  20. designchic says:

    What a beautiful new store. J McLaughlin is one of my favorite go to lines for Spring and Summer. The clothing is chic and comfortable and just right for everyday wear.

  21. love the stripes – I have to run up there to check them out.. The store looks great!

  22. I love the look of this store. And what great summer time clothes. I have to admit I have a weakness for stripes and am always on the lookout for a great striped top to wear with white jeans.

  23. This store is a little slice of striped preppy heaven! Road trip might be in order.

  24. always in the thick of all the stylish stuff Stacy — love this view and my post and your post are cousins this week with Preppy Madness…xo

  25. Love, love, love the stripes! Such a wonderful shop. Wish I lived close for a visit!

  26. being a shop owner i am drawn to the vignettes, colors, props. this is so fresh and original. my list of ‘must see’ shops is ever-growing!

  27. Great looking store and the stripes are displayed beautifully xx

  28. Caroline says:

    Love J. McLaughlin– what a fun party!! I spy a few new things that I want…and a few things that have been on my list (like the white bamboo clutch!)…I may have to stop by the Nashville store today! Take care, Caroline

  29. What fun!!!! J. McLaughlin clothes, pve illustrations, Jamee Gregory doing a book signing….what could be better? If I had been there too!!!

    Thanks for the virtual tour!!!

  30. What a fun paper palm tree!!! And, of course always the classic looks of J. McLaughlin – quality galore. I’ve been meaning to buy Jamee’s book. Just bought Alberto Pinto’s Table Settings – marvelous! ; )

  31. Kelly says:

    How fun! Jamee Gregory and Frank E. Smurio Jr. look quite the pair. I’ve been a fan of J. McLaughlin since I spent a summer in Locust Valley during college – they have a small outpost there. x KO

  32. julie at BV says:

    My type of store. How lovely, thanks for sharing it.

    P.S. I’m starting a new series today and would love it if you come and see what’s about. Thank you

  33. Finally have a minute to catch up with your blog- that striped bar area is too cute! Looks like you’re having a lovely summer so far!

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