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You may have noticed Michelle Hatch‘s beautiful pillows featured as part of von Hemert Interior’s Royal Wedding event.

I was so enchanted by them, that I contacted Michelle to find out more about her company and lovely products.

Michelle Hatch has an extensive accessories design pedigree. For 26 years prior to starting this home furnishings endeavor, Hatch was a luxury fashion accessories designer. She lived in Florence for nine years and Milan for six, during which time she designed for Salvatore Ferragamo and Donna Karan, traveling around Italy, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and South America.

Working with the finest artisans, sourcing materials, components, factories and design inspiration, Hatch had truly amazing experiences. Upon returning to New York, Judith Leiber hoped to retire and recruited Hatch to replace her as creative director. Her Italian experiences came in very handy, since most of Lieber’s components were made in Italy. After leaving Judith Leiber, she started a luxury handbag collection, which was distributed through the Neiman Marcus group.

In 2008, Hatch had what she calls a zen moment. While considering her next move professionally, she realized she had everything she needed right there in her studio. She had ideas and leftover metal nailheads & Swarovski crystals from a prior consulting job with St. John Knits. She started playing with them, making a few pillows to give as gifts to close friends and family.

They loved them and encouraged Hatch to consider this as a business.  After visiting the New York Gift Show with her best friend, a very smart & successful interior designer in the Hamptons, they realized there was nothing else like what she was doing. Fast forward 14 months and Hatch has done two New York Gift Shows (see her at one above) and recently the Architectural Digest Home Design Show!

I asked Hatch what her inspiration is and she cited “the endless beauty in nature, architecture and a “city to sand” lifestyle. Streamlined graphic patterns for the city and luxuriously textured sea life for the beach. Rich, warm, cozy colors, refined fabrics and details, all come together with discreet sparkle and shine.”

And I am delighted to report that her pillows are all made right here in New York.  After so many years spent traveling the globe, Hatch explains it’s a pleasure getting on her bike and riding to the garment center, whether to source fabrics or see her manufacturer. Even the fabrics are made here in the U.S.

The patterns, which are created in a combination of metal nailheads and Swarovski crystals, or pearl and crystal as above, are all made here.  The pillow inserts are made in Ohio. With the exception of the metal nailheads and Swarovski crystals, it truly is a “Made in the USA” product.  The pillows come in either a beautiful, substantial basketweave cotton, or a classic linen and are trimmed with a matching silk taffeta piping and closed with matching fabric covered buttons. This amazing attention to detail shows in these beautifully crafted products!!

Hatch has already enjoyed working with many designers such as Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler of Mabley Handler Interiors, Ike Isenhour, The Rockwell Group, Gille Clement of House of Clement, Stephanie Stokes and Beverly Ellsley Design for example. She allows designers to customize pattern, color or detail and finds “they really understand how luxurious and fun the collection is and they inspire new ideas.”

Michelle Hatch pillows are also sold in upscale retail shops such as Mecox Garden (New York, Hamptons, LA), English Country Antiques (Bridgehampton), Lillian August, House of Clement, Plantation in LA, Stephanie Grace in Santa Monica, Thread Count in Miami, Trillium in Lexington, KY AND of course, Von Hemert Interiors! I’m sure that these beautiful and versatile pillows will soon be accessorizing stylish homes everywhere!

40 thoughts on “Hatching Style

  1. Pillows are so important and this gal has the knack. Her background certainly prepared her for this latest success. Really wonderful!

  2. Michelle has so many beautiful colors and designs! We were lucky enough to meet her at the New York International Gift Fair last August when we launched Dunes and Duchess. Last January at NYIGF we were both on Pier 94 near one another and got to reconnect. As a stylist I love using her pillows for photo shoots (which I am doing this week!). I’m so glad to see her featured here!

  3. Those pillows are stunning! And I love hearing the story how she went to the gift show, noticed a gap and 14 months later Michelle was back with her own product. Now, that’s amazing!!!!

  4. Gorgeous..each and every one! I LOVE that they are made right on U.S. turf…that to me is reason alone to buy and support them let alone that they are like little jewels. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  5. The pillows are really beautiful, but the thing I like most is that she found a way to create something beautiful from something she already had. That’s creativity at it’s finest and an example to us all! I’m inspired!

  6. Made in the USA with mainly US fabrics and materials!! I think that I’m going to go down the road a bit to Newport Beach and visit these gorgeous pillows. Thanks for highlighting this artist’s works.

  7. The last, bright-coral colored pillow is my favorite. They are all so gorgeous, and I love hearing their story. Love how Michelle started a whole new creative endeavor and made it so beautiful!
    Happy Monday,

  8. I imagine that the prototypes were made by hand, and that in turn conjures up sessions of tremendous focus and patience. I’d love to see how her collection is made today …

  9. You are right, I did notice the pillows, so it is rewarding to learn more about the designer and her work. Now I know why I am drawn to her pillows, Ferragamo, Karan, Lieber, it makes perfect sense!

    Thank you for sharing, what a great trove of info and photos!

  10. Michelle’s designs are like a jewel studded gown; so precious and so unique. One thinks a person cannot come up with anything new, everything has been done, & and yet these amazing creative folks do. A joy to see her designs. I hope you and yours had a good..good Easter. Now I’m psyched for the royal wedding!!

    Cheers my dear x

  11. Thank you all for the positive feedback and wonderful comments. I’m truly grateful to Stacey for posting! This has been a labor of love, patience and great effort, but the results and generous comments make it all worthwhile.

  12. What a wonderful feature! And we agree with everything that has been said here, specifically the comment by Deborah Miller…It really is true, you think everything’s been done, and then something like Michelle Hatch’s pillows come along. We love using Michelle’s Pillows in our design projects (The photo fourth from the top with the orange pillows is our room at the 2010 Hampton Designer Showhouse), and we are proud to be the owners of several Michelle Hatch pillows, including the original Edinburgh prototype (second-to-last photo, except ours in a dark greyish blue)…But we are even more proud to call Michelle our friend. She is an insanely creative and talented person, and a wonderful human being. She deserves every success that comes her way :)

    • Thanks so much for stopping by – so wonderful to hear first hand about the talented Michelle. And just ADORE your showhouse room – stunning!!

  13. Now, I would have thought that I really didn’t need to think anymore about pillows (being somewhat of an addict) but as usual, you came along and brought us something innovative and beautifully executed! Of course!

    • I really love this feedback! Thank you Heather in Arles! It’s true, although the application has been seen in clothing, what inspired me was to create something that hadn’t been seen in home furnishings. It’s a lot of fun playing with texture, pattern & color and the possibilities are endless!

    • So glad you like them and it’s easy to do, LiveLikeYou! Any of the metal nailhead & Swarovski crystal patterns you see on the website can be applied to any of the fabrics you see. Truly customizable!

  14. The attention to detail is sublime — thanks so much for posting the close-up images. It truly makes you appreciate how it sets the work apart. Beautiful post!

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