First Peek at LCDQ Legends Windows

I am excited to be reporting from Los Angeles as a Legends Ambassador for one of my favorite annual design events. The La Cienega Design Quarter is hard to beat for its charming array of shops. The participating stores, sponsors, editors, bloggers, not to mention packed schedule of informative events make this a not to be missed extravaganza. And the LCDQ Legends Windows are always an inspiring display of creativity. This year’s theme, Novel Interors, Storytelling by Design is right up my alley. For me, it’s always all about the story, and the translation of words into visuals is how I spent the majority of my career. I took a quick stroll down the avenue yesterday and and while many of the windows were hard to shoot with the reflections, I managed to capture a few.

Mark Sikes LCDQ Legends windows for Hollyhock

Social media followers of Mark Sikes will be familiar with his #blueandwhiteforever hashtag. The designer’s windows for Hollyhock cited Graham Greene’s Orient Express with beautiful Asian inspired panels from Gracie, Christopher Spitzmiller marbleized Delft Blue Ming lamps and a selection of antiques and accessories.

Mark Sikes LCDQ Legends Windows for HollyhockIn his second window, above, you can see the clever floorcloth and a Lindsay Cowles painting that adds texture to the refined palette. The side view shows the Louis chairs with Brunchwig‘s Les Touches and the assortment of ceramics on wall bracket.

Mark Sikes LCDQ Legends Windows for Hollyhock

David Kleinberg created his Thieren window based on Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. While this is just a snippet, it gives you also a sense of the glorious offerings at the showroom. I’m looking forward to visiting this evening at the 1stDibs sponsored gala.

David Kleinberg LCDQ Legends windows for Thieren

Hemingway is a popular author chosen by the designers and Thomas Callaway‘s window for Harbinger channeled his classic A Moveable Feast.

Thomas Callaway LCDQ Legends Windows for Harbinger

Hayes and Howells chose The Sun Also Rises for their two windows at George Smith, imagining the master at work.

Hayes & Howells LCDQ Legends Windows for George Smith

I loved the quote they cited, “All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you; the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse and sorrow, the peopel and the places and how the weather was.”


Hayes and Howells LCDQ Legends window for George SmithDesigner Catherine Kwong evoked Mrs. Dalloway in the other George Smith windows. “A nod to Geroge Smith’s British heritage, the selection of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ proved to e a rich source of inspiration. The window design was inspired by the novel’s iconic opening sentence, “Mrs. Dalloway said she would by the flowers herself.”

Catherine Kwong LCDQ Legends window for George Smith

I loved the fabulous wall treatment in Kylee Shintaffer‘s whimsical Frog & Toad window for Ralf’s Antiques.

Kylee Shintaffer LCDQ Legends Window at Ralf's Antiques

E.M. Forster’s Passage to India was the inspiration behind Kohler Global Creative Director Tristan Butterfield’s exotic windows for Scalamandré. I didn’t even realize that their classic le Tigre was available in that luscious pink.

Tristan Butterfield LCDQ Legends Window for Scalamandre

No, this photo is not crooked. Jackson Paige just did an amazing job capturing the sense of being at sea in Virginia Woolf”s The Voyage Out for JD Staron.

Jackson PaigeLCDQ Legends Window for J.D. Staron

It’s a beautiful layering of fabrics and color so appropriate for Virginia Woolf’s novel in which we are introduced to the legendary Clarissa Dalloway.

Jackson PaigeLCDQ Legends Window for J.D. StaronThe 1970’s Parisian rivalry between fashion giants Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfield, chronicled in The Beautiful Fall, is the inspiration behind Cliff Fong’s chic window for Dragonette.

Cliff Fond LCDQ Legends Window for Dragonette

Harte Brownlee & Associates did a very clover job emulating the main character from HG Wells’ The Invisible Man for Mecox.

Harte Brownlee & Associates LCDQ Legends Window for Mecox

I loved the disarming simplicity of Madeline Stuart‘s window for Compas. Less is more could not be more charming in her Harold and the Purple Crayon design.

Madeline Stuart LCDQ Legends Window for Compas

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6 thoughts on “First Peek at LCDQ Legends Windows

  1. Stacey what artistry here and I am loving all of the literary references and inspiration! Mrs Dalloway indeed. I will never forget that opening line!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!

  2. Very impressive displays–clever, witty and really great looking.
    Thanks Stacey!

  3. We were all completely absorbed by each image and instantly transported to each story line. The subtlety and imagination brought forth in each one of these vignettes is inspirational to us. Thanks for going the extra mile to get these photos through glass, not an east task in the LA sunshine!


  4. Your photographs are like reading a good novel…the detail you capture and the clarity is just marvelous. What a trip!! franki

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