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What a fun evening I had yesterday at Assouline’s social media event at their charming shop at the Plaza. I had planned a different post for today, but after attending, I knew I had to do a quick change. As you can imagine, I was like a kid in a candy store – one beautiful book after another. Assouline has done a fabulous job cornering the market on super chic lifestyle titles. For all of you book lovers, they offer a plethora of pleasures for Valentine’s Day gifting. Here are just a few.

One of the newest releases is the charming Lovers by Peynet. Raymond Peynet, the French artist and designer created his two characters, “Les Amoureux” which became known in France and around the world in the 1950’s and 60’s. The little poet in bowler hat and his lady friend have come to symbolize love and romance of the most charming sort. This new volume includes a selection of Peynet’s appealing drawings accompanied by quotations from famous writers. A most charming gift appropriate for anyone on your list!

Celebrate the color of love with Red, an ode to the passionate hue in “religion, fashion, design, medicine, architecture and contemporary art”. The perfect book for the holiday of love, this is a feast for the eyes as well as the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Santa!!A more seductive volume steeped in history is this version of The Book of The Thousand and One Nights. Assuming you are not in Shahrazad’s position, you will be able to relax and enjoy these marvelous tales. Based on the splendid 1920s H. Piazza twelve volume version, this abridged yet luxe tomb contains reproductions of the original illustrations by Algerian painter Mohammed Racim and some of Leon Carre’s famous art.

Although fresh flowers are always appreciated, what about a version of exquisite blooms and other natural wonders that never fades. Botanicals is a collection of three centuries of drawings from the rare books library of the Cooper-Hewitt. Many of the illustrations are by Eugene Seguy, the famous French entomologist as well as Maria Sibylla Merian, the extraordinary 17th century artist-scientist who revolutionized the study of botany and zoology through her detailed exquisite drawings.

One of Assouline’s perennial bestsellers is Michel Dovaz’s Fine Wines. A perfect gift for the oenophile in your life, this handsome book dissects the best vintages since 1900, discussing history of the vineyard, topography and viticulture of the region as well as detailed descriptions of the wines themselves. An introduction by wine guru Michael Broadbent adds to the appeal. Like all Assouline titles, this is beautifully produced with exquisite photography.

For those wishing to serve up something a little different on this special occasion, Vintage Cocktails should fit the bill. From Singapore Sling to Fuzzy Navel, all these classic concoctions were shot at the timeless Carlyle Hotel in NY. Authored by mixologist Brian Van Flandern, this festive volume is a must for every budding or experienced host.

And lastly is the fun Sex Game Book. No, this is not a how to of the kinky sort, but rather a complete compendium of tantalizing tidbits, revealing everything you ever wanted to know on the subject but were afraid to ask. With trivia questions and puzzles, this cultural history looks at literature, cinema, mythology and science. A book to be shared that will at the very least amuse and you never know, perhaps inspire.

Happy reading with the one you love!!

27 thoughts on “Books for Lovers

  1. Oh my dear! I would love to have all these books in my collection! I really am a bood addict, mostly of architecture and interior design of course!
    Wish you a nice rest of the week!

  2. I love Assouline books, unfortunately they don’t seem to be available to the European market, I wish they would do something about it!

    Oh I have just looked at their website they do do international orders but I still think they should open up a store in London.

  3. What a beautiful place. I really want to check out that wine book. I think my Balazs would love that one and I need to get the Lovers book. The story sounds so great! Thanks,sweetie
    Happy Thusday

  4. Assouline is the cream of the crop — so excited that with their shop in the Plaza, I don’t have to indulge in their beautiful tomes by going to Paris. Though it was fun walking through their shop on the Left Bank last summer!

    Love that first book you profiled….looks charming. And, red…well, that’s what I’m channeling today!!

  5. You just solved my V-Day gift challenge. And what a beautiful space; thank you for sharing – I am looking forward to stopping by and I adore Assouline books – always so beautiful. Have a great day, Q.

  6. For some reason I really get overwhelmed at Valentine’s Day. These are wonderful suggestions. In fact, there are so many suggestions on everyone’s blog, that they really have wheels spinning. Now I am overwhelmed with so many wonderful ideas instead of too few.

  7. I usually stalk Assouline for their Design books, but now i’m going to check out a couple of the ones you featured! I’m happy you changed your original post to this one-such lovely reads you shared today! XX

  8. So funny we both had Assouline on the brain yesterday! Sounds like such a fun time. I looooove Assouline and their shop at the Plaza. I have the Botanicals book which is so gorgeous, and still wishing for Vintage Cocktails. Great post!

  9. Are you sure that we are not twins? I really cannot say no to lovely books, recipe books, coffee table books, novels, art books….love them all.

  10. You had me at The Plaza : )
    Add books
    carefully selected ~
    and a previous post
    on food, wine and atmosphere….
    and for a brief moment
    I’ve had a beautiful and
    elegant Valentine’s Day,
    already : )
    xx Suzanne

  11. What treasures you shared, all of them. The Peynet would be fun for us, we have some of the mid-century Rosenthal pieces with his illustrations, they are just delightful. Each one would be a fabulous gift for almost any occasion, Assouline does a beautiful job.

    Sending you a smile,

  12. I would love to have every one of those books. A few of them would really spice up our Valentines Day for sure. I’m working on my Sunday Supper Valentines Post right now and just came back over to grab a suggestion from your Wednesday Wines. You had some great ones. I’ll be sure to link to you. Mona

  13. I have been coveting the Vintage Cocktails book for ages and ages, here’s hoping it will appear on Monday! And I definitely wouldn’t turn down the Peynet either, so sweet.

  14. Wow, some tantalizing reads for sure, especially the last…will have to order that on Amazon because knowing me I’ll be blushing up a storm if I purchased that in the store. Thanks for your lovely comment on my post today!

  15. We are two peas in a pod, I too love books and find books of all kinds so appealing. Love reading them, love looking through them, appreciate old vintage books, fondness of non-fiction for personal reading and I especially love seeing books on display or piled on an ottoman/table/bookcase. Great round up!

  16. That event sounds like it was a real treat! Assouline’s books are top-notch. And you’ve listed two of the ones on my own wish list–Red and Vintage Cocktails. Hmmm. may just have to go ahead and give myself a little VDay gift!

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