Bag Bounty

This fall fashion season is a winner in every way. The clothes are classic and beautifully tailored and so are the bags. I love the return to elegance trend evidenced by the lady-like structured forms here. I think Grace or Audrey would have been delighted to carry any of these.

lanvin happy pop

mulberry neely bag

YSL chyc large flap shoulder bag

marc jacobs garbo bag

nina ricci patchwork bag

chloe elsie bag

tory burch mini nora satchel

tory burch dayton

nancy gonzalez

louis vuitton speedy couture

talbots $189

There was a great take on day bags in the new September issue of Town and Country. I would happily wear any of these – they are all fabulous.

The other big news in the bag world is the new collection for Tiffany by Richard Lambertson and John Truex. From what I have seen they fit perfectly with this season – understated, elegant and luxe. Perhaps we’ll see them featured on Mad Men or Gossip Girl. Here is a peek of what will launch sometime this month:

galaxy clutch


lyn clutch

manhattan satchel

laurelton croc

Hadley shoulder bag in Tiffany Blue snakeskin

And they couldn’t resist naming a bag after everyone’s favorite Tiffany’s character

holly clutch

all Tiffany photos: Stephen Lewis

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2 Responses to Bag Bounty

  1. I would take any of these in a NY minute – so elegant and lady like. A perfect complement to my kitten heels (also a must-have this fall!)

  2. quintessence says:

    Me too – and I need a new clutch so perhaps the Holly is in my future!

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