A Visit to Ancien et Moderne

Michelle Nussbaumer pillows on Justin van Breda Princess bench at Ancien et Moderne

Last week in Paris, my colleague Beth Dempsey and I unveiled this year’s version of Ancien et Moderne, the second edition of our Pop Up Salon during Paris Deco Off. What a wonderful week of creative collaboration it turned out to be! Inspired by the iconic tapestries of French artist Jean Lurçat, Fromental set the stage with Bruyère, their bold and dramatic new hand painted silk wallcovering.

Ancien et Moderne 2017

Named for the city of Lurçat’s birth, Bruyère blends the abstract and the figurative for a lush, layered and lively scene. Its abundant multi-dimensional detail references Lurçat’s themes of nature and the poetry of the human spirit, as his signature sun shines as a source of life and hope. It enveloped the space with a sense of color, pattern and joy that we never wanted to end.

Fromental Bruyere in Ancien et Moderne

Designer Justin van Breda collaborated with Fromental to create a coordinating bespoke piece of furniture for the space. His amazing Jardin Majorelle cabinet incorporated the smaller leaf pattern on silk which was then lacquered and polished by hand. The large palm frond handle adds just the right amount of organic shine.

Justin van Breda Jardin Marjorelle cabinet at Ancien et Moderne

Justin van Breda cabinet at Ancien et ModerneJustin also introduced his charming Princess bench in Emerald Lacquer, below, which lent another layer to the exotic garden vibe. Designer Michelle Nussbaumer brought her new global inspired fabric collection, seen on the pillows below.

Michelle Nussbaumer pillows on Justin van Breda Princess bench at Ancien et Moderne

And she and Justin collaborated on slipper chairs which Justin produced and slipcovered using Michelle’s new leopard print.

Justin van Breda chairs with Michelle Nussbaumer fabric

The bohemian pattern-rich theme was anchored by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s hand knotted Tibetan wool and silk Mamounia rug for The Rug Company, above. Behind the chairs, above, Philippe Berry’s sculptural bronze butterfly console held Porta Romana’s handsome Zulu lamp with a pleated red Liberty shade, a La Tuile a Loup candlestick and Barbera Sève du Sud scented candle in a hand painted and and gilded container.

Porta Romana lamp in Ancien et Moderne

Michelle’s accessories seemed to protect the space with mysterious charm.

Michelle Nussbaumer at Ancien et Moderne

Her pillows provided lush lounging under the palm in a fabulous La Tuile a Loup pot

vignette from Ancien et Moderne

and became the seating for a fun Moroccan dinner we co-hosted in the space with Architectural Digest.

dinner at Ancien et Moderne

Chic tabletop courtesy of Michelle and La Tuile a Loup.

tabletop at Ancien et Moderne

Michelle’s statement jewelry was a hit, seen below atop Justin’s cerused oak backgammon table.

accessories in Ancien et Moderne vignette

Creative collaboration was at the heart of Ancien et Moderne and continued with a series of custom bronze mirrors produced by Hope Swales in the foundry which makes her client, Philippe Berry’s furniture. Alex Papachristidis‘ chic modern take on a classic broken pediment, below.

Alex Papachristidis mirror in Ancien et Moderne

Timothy Corrigan updated the timeless sunburst with a giant convex center.

Timothy Corrigan mirror at Ancien et ModerneFrench designer Bambi Sloan’s clever Eye Can See You mirror echoes the fact that “eyes are the mirror of the soul.”

Timothy Corrigan mirror at Ancien et ModerneAnd Frank de Biasi‘s refined artistic mirror is reminiscent of those by Fontana Arte in the 50’s.

Frank de Biasi mirror at Ancien et ModernePhilippe Berry’s mirror, part of his butterfly series, sits between curtains of Michelle’s fabric.

Ancien et ModerneOther accoutrements included Carol Bruton‘s colorful metal Ocean sculptures

Carol Bruton sculptures in Ancien et Moderne

and Scott Nelson’s chic Scotstyle Riviera and Safari bracelets.

Scotstyle bracelets at Ancien et Moderne

Celebrating the art of the mix, of looking back to move forward, the artistic process and the exotic chic of bohemian glamour, Ancien et Moderne was a space full of spirit and life. We welcomed visitors from around the world, met longtime Instagram friends in person, held talks with distinguished groups on fascinating topics and bonded over a passion for design and craft. Thank you to all involved – it was a week of inspiration, productivity and the power of creative collaboration!

13 thoughts on “A Visit to Ancien et Moderne

  1. Wow. This is definitely in the “more is more” category. Makes me feel like getting up and dancing. Not sure I’d want to live with it (it seems also to call for a flute of champagne in one hand), but I would want to be best friends and visit often, maybe even for a while every day.

  2. Fascinating! And…that Moroccan dinner party looks like one would not want to be anywhere else on earth at that moment! Beautiful, intimate, interesting and fun!

  3. Dear Stacey,

    fantastic post! amazing photographs.
    We so enjoyed being part of this exceptional pop-up.
    Working together was really great and I would love to see this kind of thing happen more often!
    (after we have all recovered!)

  4. Ancien et Moderne was absolutely the “IT” spot during DECO OFF 2017! Bravo to Beth, Stacey and all of the uber-talented people who participated in making it all come to life. It was such an honor to be able to be involved in some small way. Thank you!

    • Tania, I remember you from Cap Ferrat, this is Hope; I produced the bronze mirrors and furniture on behalf of the artists and designers; it was a great experience and the end result was pure magic; not to mention stunning!

  5. This was a fairy tale space. I love everything. Michelle is always on point–and a great friend. What could you possibly dream up for next year that could top this one. Can’t wait to see. xo Mary

  6. Magnifique! I cannot tell you how much I love what you all put together…the magic of the mix and your fluid commentary are inspiring…thanks for letting me be a part of this!

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