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Stylish Shopping Video with Susanna Salk and Mary McDonald

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with the stylish, vivacious and always entertaining Mary McDonald? With old fashioned style sensibilities updated with a daring dose of modern glamour, the designer’s world is a seductive vision of bold color, pattern and layer upon layer of fashionable flair.…

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Cartier at the Grand Palais Paris

There is a reason the exhibit of Cartier at the Grand Palais in Paris is subtitled “Style and History.” While many today may think of the jewelry firm merely as a purveyor of red carpet adornments and the latest “tank,”  it is in fact a house of style, representing  over a century and a half of artistic achievement.…

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Prepping for Paris | Two Faves in the 6th

As I start to prepare for my trip to Paris next week, I rediscovered some summer photos of two shops in the stylish 6th arrondissement where I will be staying again, that I never had time to share. The first is Philippe Ferrandis.…

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JAR at the Met

Not only is the JAR exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum the first US retrospective of jewelry designer Joel A. Rosenthal’s work, but the first at the museum devoted to any living  jeweler, or in Rosenthal’s case, artist, whose medium happens to be gems. …

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Holiday Shop Picks | Verdura

It’s always a good day when I have a reason to visit Verdura. In their elegant boutique overlooking Fifth Avenue and Central Park, I had a chance to take a gander at their Mid-Century Master vintage exhibition on view (and of course for sale) through December 27th.…

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Preserving the Craft

I realize it was only a few weeks ago that I referenced an article in T Magazine, but this week’s Travel Issue again hit a high note on several topics so relevant in these parts. While I encourage you to read the marvelous issue for yourself, I’d like to augment just a few bits with some thoughts about the art of craft.…

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Stylish Shopping with Susanna Salk and Scot Meacham Wood

A love of tartan, plaid and the romance of Scotland has earned San Francisco interior designer Scot Meacham Wood a special place in the world of decor and online conversations. From his blog, The Adventures of Tartanscot, he sends missives on design and inspiration, ranging from his “Sunday Runway” fashion updates to the latest in “Footwear News” to of course musings on interiors and decoration.…

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Lambertson Truex at Privet House

The tiny hamlet of New Preston, CT may be small in square miles (7,39) and population (1,182) but looms large on the map as a retail design destination. With the most recent addition to the shopping scene, Privet House (moving from its Warren location earlier this year), chic weekenders no longer have to wonder where they are going to get their Cire Trudon candles, Santa Maria Novella bath products or unique accessories or antiques for their homes.…

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Happy Columbus Day

Fall is my favorite season and Columbus Day usually marks the beginning of that crisp autumn air and changing foliage. Taking my daughter to look at schools today is the perfect excuse to drive north and get a dose of classic New England.…

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Shop Talk | Optical Shop of Westport

Eyewear represents the ultimate fusion of form and function. And nowhere is it taken more seriously as both scientific craft and highly personalized fashion statement than at the Optical Shop of Westport, here in Connecticut.
optical shop
I was delighted to recently discover this charming store and meet owner Margharet Hollander.…

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