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Before we are catapulted into the “big” holiday of the season, I wanted to pay un petit homage to, what seems this year, to be the orphan child of celebrations. Thanksgiving offers so many lovely decorating opportunities that seem to be somewhat overlooked in favor of the overwhelming holiday coming down the pike. When I went around to my local establishments trying to find shots of tabletop decor to share, everyone had already moved on to Christmas – some segueing straight from Halloween with not even an acknowledgement. So, from my files, let me share some pilgrim cheer from present and past.

Charlotte Moss’ tables are always elegant and layered with great accoutrements.

charlotte moss from house beautiful

It is going to be much more difficult to find this beautiful aptware now that Charlotte has closed shop.

charlotte moss aptware tureen

This Martha Stewart table looks like a Dutch still life – I love the dark and dramatic background.

martha stewart via annesage.com

Even though this wasn’t published as a Thanksgiving table, I certainly think it could be!

nina griscom from elle decor

This beautiful shot was on design sponge just the other day. I love the modern contrast in colors and textures.

design by liza from quince

Originally from Southern Accents, this room is a stunner. The screen is magnificent and although taxidermy isn’t really my thing, I do love the bird (pheasant?).

photo by miki duisterhoff

Here is a close-up of just the table top.

This table, also from Southern Accents is one of my absolute favorites – the color scheme is just so rich. The amethyst glassware gives it a fabulous depth.

photo by erica george dines

Eddie Ross is the king of tabletop. I’m not even including his fabulous blue/orange Thanksgiving table he did for Lonny since it went viral in the blogosphere and has already been featured everywhere. Instead I’m including this elegant vignette he created with a more subtle colorway.

Charlotte Moss’ Winter House is one of my favorite books. It captures the season so perfectly and has so many great images. This table scene is one of my dreamscapes – how fabulous are the leather chairs and paisley table top. (sorry for the seam).

Here is a close up so you can really appreciate the details.

Another rich tablescape is from A Home for All Seasons, a book I’ve had forever but I still refer to regularly.

But I think my favorite book of all time for table settings has to be At Home with Carolyn Roehm. The layout, photography, level of details and concepts are just incredible. Her pantry must be bursting at the seams there are so many different patterns of plates, glasses and linens. Here is the double page spread of one of her lovely fall settings. (again sorry for the seam). Aren’t those arrangements just spectacular?

But here is the close up where you can see the table more clearly.

Another close up of a fall concept from the book again shows her love of berries and fruit as centerpieces

And here is a lovely spread Roehm did for House Beautiful that could easily be adapted for a Thanksgiving celebration. I love the pewter!

Believe it or not, I’m still not exactly sure what I’m doing with my table. For subscribers, there will be no feed (email) tomorrow, but do check back if you want during the day – I’ll post a shot of the table when I’m done! I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings.  Enjoy your day with friends and family and please do take a moment to remember how much we all have to be thankful for.

34 thoughts on “Turkey Tabletop

  1. Love the Nina Griscom table {I remember that from Elle Decor} and the dark Martha Stewart table. Lovely roundup. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll be next door in Stamford.

    • luster – thanks – loved that these were a bit different! Have a great Thanksgiving here in CT – hope the weather holds up!

  2. What wonderful and creative inspiration for a memorable table – it’s so appropriate to have a fabulous tablescape on the one holiday of the year that celebrates eating! And who wouldn’t want to sit all day at one of these beautiful creations? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Beautiful! What inspiration. Thanks for bringing such an array together.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to assemble such wonderful Thanksgiving tables. It really annoys me that we jump right into Christmas after Halloween and forget about all of the beauty that Thanksgiving provides. (I come from a family that always put the tree up Christmas Eve!) Today I set the table so I will be studying your photos.

    • Gretchen – me too on everything! Our family also put our tree up on Christmas Eve and decorating on that family occasion to Christmas music with hot chocolate or warm cider is one of my fondest childhood memories. Have a wonderful holiday!

    • Hi Eddie – And a table top round up wouldn’t be complete without one of your beautiful designs! Have a great holiday!

    • Hi Sara Kate – Isn’t it just amazing??!! This is my dream table top pick!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I truly enjoy your blog, even though this is my first time here, it’s already feel like “home”. Wonderful collection of inspiring pictures!

    Please, if you can, go take a look at my NEW BLOG and let me know WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT! :-) I really, really appreciate it!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    • Hi Luciane – Thank you! So glad you’re at home here! I’ll definitely stop by. Have a great holiday.

  6. Everyone of those pictures is just brilliant inspiration. I, like you, don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing with mine tomorrow. It was needed today for the boys’ art lesson, but I’m sure I’ll pull it together.

    I sure miss that Charlotte Moss Townhouse too!

    And you’re right, Eddie is the King of Tabletop!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday tomorrow!
    ~ Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth – I’m sure your table will be stunning, especially considering your recent immersion with Eddie! I hope you and your family have a delightful Thanksgiving as well!

  7. Loving all the glorious inspiration here…and can you believe I actually own that wooden bowl with the silver trim…the one with the fruit in it? Never thought to use it like that…and yet it now seems so completely obvious! Thanks, have a great holiday!

    • zhush – LOVE those bowls – I have matching biscuit barrels that I keep my kitchen utensils in. They’re incredibly useful and look handsome anywhere I think. If your bowl has a porcelain insert, they’re also great for side dishes etc. Hoping you, mr. zhush and the zhushlettes have a happy holiday!

    • Hi Debbi – thank you so much – both for your comment and for sharing quintessence with your readers. I’ll be stopping by divadebbi shortly.

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