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William Yeoward Spring Entertaining

Since we finally have had signs of warmth and sun, we can start looking forward to time outdoors and spring entertaining. Products from the fall tabletop show are now available, so it is a good time to consider what you might want to add to your collections. …
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Coupe or Flute?

This is the age old champagne dilemma – coupe, flute or tulip! Last year I wrote about Seth Box, director of education for Moet Hennessy USA, who, in the New York Times, discussed his preferences. Not only did he voice his opinion (which of course I agree with) that Americans drink too little champagne but he also had strong thoughts about what glass to serve it in.…
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Tabletop Royalty

For those wondering what to get the royal couple, Kate and William have asked guests to make donations to selected charities rather than buying them lavish presents. While I applaud that noble gesture, I couldn’t resist making some registry-like tabletop selections for their new home in conjunction with the furniture that is being chosen for our Royal Wedding contest.…
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