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Blake Mazoid designed house in galerie magazine Sneak Peek: The Box Updated in Galerie Magazine

When Hudson News founders Lisa and James Cohen came to the conclusion that most art magazines were a tad dry and unapproachable, they decided the logical solution was to launch one of their own. Embodying lifestyle topics of travel, architecture, fashion, art and interiors, galerie is already, after its inaugural issue last April, finding its niche among those who want, as editor-in-chief Suzanne Slesin explains, “everything but not anything.”…
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Judging a Book by its Cover

This weekend welcomes the T Magazine fall design issue. While, as always, there are a number of enticing pieces, from the latest incarnation of Stephen Sill’s chic Manhattan penthouse (written by the ever astute and entertaining David Netto) Stephen Sills apartment in T magazine to the oh-so-charming Bloomsbury home of designer Ben Pentreath, Ben Pentreath apartment in T magazine one small inclusion in particular caught my attention – Peter Mendelsund’s 90 Versions of Yes.…
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The Globetrotting Sophistication of Cabana Magazine

In this era of consolidation, cutting corners and mass market mentality, it is a rare pleasure to come across a unique product that strives to be more. Cabana Magazine, a new Italian publication launched during Salone del Mobile in Milan, is about sophistication on many levels.…
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