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wnwn-wtih-windsor-smith-and-stacey-bewkes-of-quintessence-at-arteriors What’s New What’s Next with Windsor Smith and Arteriors

This Thursday the eighth annual What’s New What’s Next kicks off the fall design season with their popular venue at the New York Design Center. With a full array of presentations, book signings, and panel discussions, WNWN includes many of the industry’s top editors, designers, and manufacturers.…
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In the Spirit of New Orleans at What’s New What’s Next

What is it exactly about the seemingly symbiotic relationship between New Orleans and New York? As author Debra Shriver’s phrase “New-New” expresses, there is for many a push me pull you magnetism between the two cities. On Thursday in the John Richard Showroom at New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next, Susanna Salk (who needs no introduction in these parts) will be moderating a panel on just this subject.…
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