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Isle of Skye postcard Ushering the Postcard into a New Era

Remember the postcard, that charming missive that continually arrived in your mailbox all summer? It would inform you that one friend had made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower or that another was visiting the crown jewels with her family.…
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Out and About on Vicarious Visits

While I rarely post other sites’ content, there has just been so much I’ve been lusting after online, whether place, product or experience, that I thought I’d share just a few finds from my vicarious visits. Those of you who follow along on Facebook know that Capri is very high on my travel bucket list.…
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Design Video Summer Extravaganza

Throughout the year, as Susanna Salk and I get inspired with ideas for our design video series, our enthusiasm perhaps gets the best of us. Month after month we cannot wait to execute our concepts, capturing the talent and vivacious personalities of designers in entertaining venues, out and about, at home or in their studios.…
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