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Happy Fourth of July Happy Fourth of July!

From a quintessential American setting, wishing everyone a very happy Fourth of July! The Nantucket fireworks were last night, and while we didn’t venture into town for the festivities, the spirit was evident island-wide, as everyone from storefronts to iconic rose covered cottages proudly display their red, white and blue!…
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Happy 4th of July Happy 4th!

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, wishing everyone a festive and happy 4th of July. Long may she wave! Happy 4th of Julyphoto by Quintessence
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Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrating the fourth at the beach! Starting with dinner on the terrace The barge in preparation on the sound. And the highlight of the evening – fireworks over the water! Happy Birthday USA!
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Tabletop for the Fourth

I’m still not quite sure who is actually going to be around for dinner on the fourth. Our house has been a bit of a revolving door so far this summer. Even so, I like to think about what I might be doing with the table.…
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