Windowpane Tablecloth


Windowpane Tablecloth. Available in navy on cream or inquire about custom color ways.

Crafted from soft but highly durable heavy cotton, the Windowpane Tablecloth is perfect for anything from a casual lunch at the beach to a more elevated occasion at home. Handmade in Tangier, Morocco by local weavers, it is finished with tassels at each end. This exclusive from Made in Tangier is perfect for layering with their Jibli or Lobster napkins or anything from your own tabletop arsenal. Read more about Made in Tangier and its founder in Q Tips here.

Available in navy on cream. Made to order. Inquire for custom measurements or colors.

72″ x 108″

Cold machine wash.

Shipping included. Available for purchase by European customers – please contact for instructions. No returns on this item.