Blue Butterflies Place Cards


Chromatic Cuckoo illustrated place card by The Punctilious Mr. P’s Place Card Co. Set includes four individual images, available in 2 sizes. Hand made.

Place cards or name cards are the ultimate welcome gesture. Illustrated Place Cards by The Punctilious Mr. P’s Place Card Co. feature beautifully curated images that face the guest around the table. Made by hand in their Old Chatham, New York workshop, their exquisite place cards will help you set the theater of your table in a memorable way as you create meaningful gatherings. With four distinctive images, Mr. P’s Blue Butterflies custom illustrated place card set holds special meaning. Indigenous people saw blue butterflies as omens of good luck and fortune. Chinese Feng Shui believed the same and further attributed long life and undying love between young lovers. Others believed blue butterflies carry the meaning of inner peace and joy. It is an expression of style and symbolism that sparks delight at every table. 

4 image set. Printed on sheet-fed, hot press cotton rag watercolor paper with archival Japanese inks.

Available in two sizes:

Classic Size: 16 place cards, 3.4″ x 2.1″ recommended for use with holder (separate item)

Event Size: 8 place cards, 3.25″ x 4.5″ recommended for use with holder (separate item)

All cards printed to order. NO RETURNS unless printed in error by Mr. P.


Classic Size, Event Size