At Home with Susanna Salk and Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss is a woman of innumerable interests and talents, impeccable taste and boundless energy, all evidenced voluminously on her site. With a thriving design business, multiple licensed collections for everything from fabric and furniture to fine china and decorative art, she is also a sought-after speaker, the author of eight design books, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal on a wide range of topics and an active philanthropist. But Charlotte’s priority is actually living the life she champions and her favorite way of documenting her diversions and dreams and of capturing precious memories is to create scrapbooks, an activity celebrated in her most recent book, A Visual Life. Susanna and I were thrilled to recently visit Charlotte in her beautiful 1920’s New York townhouse to learn about her passion and process. Join us for a morning full of insights and inspiration.

I am always impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge Charlotte has on such a wide range of subjects. From art and design to photography, gardening and travel, she has an insatiable lust for a life well lived, one filled with style and substance. Like her scrapbooks, her house abounds with delicious visual moments, chronicling her countless collections and interests.

Charlotte Moss

Charlotte MossCharlotte MossSo it came as no great surprise that House Beautiful tapped her to be the next “pop up” guest editor for their November issue. When Newell Turner (Hearst Design Group Editorial Director) and Shax Riegler (House Beautiful Executive Editor) discovered we were planning a video celebrating Charlotte’s love of scrapbooking, they suggested we coordinate it with her upcoming issue. Themed “The Art of Living,” the magazine will include special sections covering many of Charlotte’s favorite subjects and even features a second cover, below, illustrating her prodigious scrapbooking talents.

Charlotte MossNewell and Shax then proposed that we also visit Vladimir Kanevsky, one of Charlotte’s favorite artist/artisans, whose work is highlighted in the issue. Debuting as our first “In the Studio” video, be sure to stop back for the launch here on Thursday.  And when the November House Beautiful hits the stands (national on-sale date is 10/22), we are excited to share that you will be able to use the free HB connect app to access both videos directly from its pages with your smart phone or tablet!

18 thoughts on “At Home with Susanna Salk and Charlotte Moss

  1. “Get a glue stick and go to town” – LOVE this. Charlotte just justified my cut crystal bowl full of those in the Studio. Thank you so much for sharing!! xo Ann

  2. Just fantastic -“No, no, no, I see everything” – I love how her “eureka” moments are in scrapbooks. It’s true how we are all looking for “Who the Hell am I?”

  3. stupendous video to “experience” Charlotte, and captures that she is well-informed and erudite. I adore not only her aesthetic but the numerous channels she uses to visually express her interpretations of the world!

  4. Dear Stacey and Susanna,
    Your choice of camera angle, with a view into the hall, presented a fresh perspective on the office of Charlotte Moss. Your still photographs are stunning and with the video you have allowed me to feel as though I visited too. Very nicely done, thank you. Beth Scanlon

  5. I loved this interview with Charlotte Moss!! She is amazing and so are you! I look so forward to your blog and especially these video interviews. They are always so interesting and informative. Thank you!!!

  6. Love the blog. Charlotte has been an inspiration since i started my own business
    Scrapbook is soo amazing. So creative. Nice to see it done like the way Charlotte presents it. Love the binding On books. Love to know where she has them done. Till next time. Enjoy!

  7. Paul Vogel at The Vogel is the wizard behind all of my beautiful boxes, leather scrapbooks and more. He makes everything look uniform, tidy amd gorgeous.

  8. Lovely, just lovely. She inspired me to create a wall of many of the women that I’ve admired over the years.

  9. Loved her philosophy. I am going paperless and have discovered Pinterest as an electronic form of scrap booking. I even created a my style there so was thrilled to hear her talk about creating a my style book. Also you can now create private pages with them so you don’t have to share. Thank you for your interview with someone I would love to know personally!

  10. Once memories are captured by camera and lovingly placed in a book, those feelings of sights and sounds are etched in our minds, not to be forgotten. This article is a reminder not to procrastinate! Thank you for the lovely article!

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