Hello from Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off

A quick bonjour to all of you from Paris as I write from my charming hotel room.

Maison et Objet It’s been a hectic few days for all attending the Maison et Objet and Paris Decor Off shows here. A packed schedule with events and parties from dawn til dusk and an unexpected snow storm that has partially paralyzed the unsuspecting city, have kept everyone busy. There had been no time to compose a proper post but I wanted to share a little peek at some of what my camera has seen. There are beautiful new collections coming down the pike and amazing people and sources I’ve had a chance to meet and greet. I’ll be back as soon as possible with more to share!

Maison et Objet

A bientôt!!


15 thoughts on “Hello from Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off

  1. I am just green with envy. Next year I am going. Maison et Objet has too long been on my bucket list. I have loved following along on Instagram. Thank you for allowing me to be voyeur on your fabulous excursion.


  2. I always think one Maison show a year is enough (I was there in September) but what could I have been thinking? Seeing photos posted over the past few days has me missing it. Enjoy, it looks to be a colourful show this season.

  3. A snow storm in Paris! How romantic! Your photos have been beautiful. On behalf of all who could not attend, merci! Be well and safe, Madame Bewkes!

  4. What a great time in Paris! And you get some snow. I am certain you will be showing us wonderful things to come. Look forward to your treasure hunt!

  5. your room is really charming , would you mind sharing the hotel`s name with me ?
    thank you so very much

  6. It has been fun following along on Instagram and Facebook! What a wonderful trip, makes me miss Paris, now I definitely must go back sooner rather than later!! Looking forward to more posts from you, Stacey.

  7. So sorry we missed one another in Paris, Stacey, but I’m excited to follow along your adventures and finds right here when you are back home and settled. Safe travels and cheers from London!

  8. You know I’m pink with envy!!! What a dream trip! And, I did notice one particular photo that is screaming my name.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the experience!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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