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New Wave for Wu

Many fashion designers find inspiration in icons of the past. For example, Milly designer Michelle Smith cited Peggy Guggenheim as her muse for her current spring season, featuring strong color and a bit of edgy eccentricity mixed with her usual uptown style.…
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A Map by Any Other Name

Everyone is getting in on the act. As more articles are written on the power of digital media, more individuals, companies and institutions are realizing they need to take advantage of the possibilities. A perfect example is the Metropolitan Museum‘s digital “Connections“.…
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Winter White

Yesterday I awoke to winter white in all its natural loveliness. As Keats said, it was a thing of beauty. Sometimes nature does all the talking.
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At the Movies

Considering my alpine lust lately, one of my old favorites, Downhill Racer, seemed a fitting choice this week. This cult classic from 1969 stars Robert Redford in one of his earliest roles.  Don’t let the title mislead you. This is definitely a film about skiing, racing and competition but it is not a fast action-packed sports movie.…
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A Hint of Honeysuckle

I’m not really much of a pink girl (although salmon suits me fine), which doesn’t bode well for me this year, considering Pantone’s pick of Honeysuckle Pink as the color of the year. Even though I’ve already had my fill of hearing about honeysuckle, I’d hate to be totally out of the loop.…
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Wednesday Wine

For all of you who would rather be on a beach than on the slopes, this wine pick today is with you in mind. If you’ve ever considered taking a trip down under and were wondering where you could enjoy both the beauty of the land and a wine tasting and vineyard experience, you need look no further than South Australia.…
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My Alpine Fantasy

Clearly I haven’t gotten over my alpine obsession. While many of you crave winter warmth, I’m still fantasizing about a chic chalet. I think I’d better start planning now for next winter since soon I’ll need to be getting my head situated for spring.…
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New Year’s Resolution: Change Your Mind

I hadn’t planned on writing a post about new years resolutions, but after reading the New York Times Saturday morning, I was inspired to post one for the onset of this new year. Many of you may be familiar with Oliver Sacks.…
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Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! My first resolution is to remind you all to check out the quintessence facebook page. It’s a perfect time to peruse the tantalizing tidbits not included on the blog. From Riviera real estate and fun fashion finds to tasty treats and art awareness, you’re sure to find something to easily entertain you every day!…
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At the Movies

Many of you will be going out to New Year’s parties this evening. But for those of you celebrating at home (like me!), here’s the last of my holiday movie picks. Although I would imagine many of you have seen this, I’ve discovered that quite a few readers enjoy a little reminder.…
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