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Inside Set in Style

Courtesy of a California Collection As promised, a final look at the incredible Cooper Hewitt Set In Style: The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit. I mentioned in the first posting how I fortuitously met Sarah Coffin, Curator and Head, Product Design and Decorative Arts Department, who curated the exhibit.…
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Set In Style Gallery Tour

As you know, I was entranced by the Cooper Hooper Set In Style Van Cleef show. (For any new visitors, please see my original post on the show from last Tuesday.)  I am excited to be able to share with you this video of Patrick Jouin, the designer of the exhibition, giving a gallery tour explaining his ideas for the space.…
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Set in Style

What can I say, yesterday the stars were aligned. My sister and I had arranged to meet in the city for a fun museum day and birthday lunch (hers – I no longer have birthdays). We planned to see the Van Cleef “Set in Style” exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt followed by the Vienna exhibit at the Neue Galerie where we were going to also have lunch.…
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