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Jacaranda Caracciolo di Melito Falck house, photo Francois Halard for AD Tuscan Dream

This is a busy week filled with obligations as well as preparing for my trip to Nashville. I didn’t want to leave you without any inspiration so in case you haven’t seen it, I am sharing an enchanting project from the final pages of this month’s Architectural Digest.…
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Arniano villa owned and decorated by Camilla Guinness A Vicarious Visit to Camilla Guinness’ Arniano

A couple of weeks ago, T Magazine published a feature on British interior designer Camilla Guinness. Known for her eclectic mix of English style with dramatic glamour, she created interiors for the likes of Isabella Blow and “an inner circle of bohemian Brits,” most notably, Ned and Marina Lambton, whose 17th century Tuscan villa she helped to restore. …
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