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James de Givenchy Taffin showroom Weekend Update

Sometimes, I’ve put something on the back burner for whatever reason and a nudge from my wanderings online and elsewhere will serve as a reminder to circle back around. As we approach the weekend, it seemed a good time to catch up on several people, places and product I’ve been meaning to mention. …
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James de Givenchy James de Givenchy at Simon Teakle

It’s almost an embarrassment of riches. As if the jewel box shop of Simon Teakle in Greenwich wasn’t already tempting enough, this week he will be hosting over 100 pieces from James de Givenchy, whose exquisite Taffin collection is on every jewelry maven’s lust list.…
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Simon Teakle | A Gem of a Jewel Box

Simon Teakle‘s new shop is truly a gem of a jewel box. On one of Greenwich, CT’s tiniest charming side streets, his irresistible, addictive addition to the town’s upscale retail scene quietly opened. And that’s just the way he likes his luxury appeal – understated.…
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