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Peter Marino rose garden The Garden of Peter Marino

As summer is in full swing, and Garden Conservancy Open Days and special events are offering glimpses into normally private domains, we can all enjoy an unprecedented peek at the very glamorous Southampton garden of Peter Marino. In a large and luxurious volume from Rizzoli, the renowned architect and designer shares an intimate entree into his extraordinary garden.…
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Peter Marino in AD, photo by Jennifer Ash Rudick Seaside Maximalism Out East

While many of us have long loved the timeless pattern-on-pattern richness of maximalist interiors, it is currently enjoying a more widespread appreciation. One of the two covers offered for the July issue of Architectural Digest, below, is on point with a marvelous example of seaside maximalism, written by Jennifer Ash Rudick from her upcoming book Out East with Vendome, shot on location throughout the Hamptons by photographer Tria Giovan.…
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