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Hutton Wilkinson Tony Duquette bracelet Tony Duquette | Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry at Kentshire

The brilliant and multi-talented Tony Duquette was a creative force whose designs extended from from painting and sculpture to stage sets and interiors to costumes and jewelry. After creating the famous “Floral Wreath” necklace, below, commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for his wife in the early 1950’s, Duquette went on to complete jewelry commissions for special clients through his career until his death in 1999.…
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Tony Duquette ring at Kentshire Week of Best Intentions (and Inspiration)

This was a week of best intentions. While I had planned on sharing so many inspiring visits, life just got in the way. But here is a little peek at some of what I hope to post soon. Last week, Kentshire Gallery at Bergdorf’s hosted Hutton Wilkinson for a breakfast debut of his spectacular new Tony Duquette jewelry collection.…
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Kentshire Caché

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the venerable Kentshire Gallery. Established and owned by the same two related families since 1940, the name alone connotes the epitome of excellence in their field.  Whether you know them from their original downtown building (above), their boutique in Bergdorf’s, their newer chic Madison Avenue shop (below), or from 1stdibs, it is common knowledge that Kentshire is considered one of the most respected dealers of fine antique English furniture and period jewelry in the country.…
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