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jean-philippe demeyer Out and About

While I’ve been busy out and about, I’ve been bookmarking a few interesting tidbits to circle back around with to take a closer look. Let me share a few. Belgian antique dealer Jean-Philippe Demeyer’s 13th century estate, Rooigem, just outside of Bruges is a statement in bold and irreverent style.…
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Chanel pre-fall 2015 collection shown in Austria Austria in the Air and Other Online Gallavanting

You may remember last year at this time I suggested a visit to the Neue Galerie Gift Shop as all things Austria seemed to be in the air. Not only should you consider stopping by this season for a chic selection of design items perfect for the holidays but you can see the Schiele portrait exhibit and stop in the charming Café Sabarsky for some heisse getränke (hot beverages) and Viennese sweets to ward off the bitter weather.…
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Preserving the Craft

I realize it was only a few weeks ago that I referenced an article in T Magazine, but this week’s Travel Issue again hit a high note on several topics so relevant in these parts. While I encourage you to read the marvelous issue for yourself, I’d like to augment just a few bits with some thoughts about the art of craft.…
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