Jony Ive’s Terra Carta Seal

In 2019, it was announced that Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, was leaving, along with frequent collaborator Marc Newson, to form his own design company LoveFrom. Earlier this year, he also initiated a collaboration with Prince Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative and the Royal College of Art to form The Terra Carta Design Lab, a program bringing together students from multidisciplinary fields to explore “local initiatives to restore biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gases, support developing countries, and catalyse a new economic and social model that realigns people with their environment.”

LoveFrom Serif font

Last month Ive finally revealed LoveFrom’s website, debuting their official font LoveFrom Serif, based on the original elegant and refined Baskerville. And last week, just in time for COP26, both came together when the Terra Carta Seal was revealed, the first project to incorporate LoveFrom Serif, a beautiful visual translation of the organization’s mission. An actual paper seal below made with paper mill James Cropper

Terra Carta Seal by LoveFrom

and the full color digital version below. Looking back to move forward is an initiative I always applaud.

Terra Carta digital seal


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