Are We There Yet?

The beauty of a fountain pen

This first post has been a long time coming (and not because I was writing by hand with a fountain pen). I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite a while now. As a former art director, veteran style junkie and research fanatic, you’d think I would have jumped right into the world of blogging. But as a recovering perfectionist, I didn’t want to do anything I felt wouldn’t be – well, perfect. My sister recently reminded me that with such an attitude it would probably never happen and my nagging entrepreneurial conscience kept asking, “Are we there yet?”. So with a deep breath, I am now, finally, taking the leap into the online world. I hope some (or any) of you will find my discoveries and opinions entertaining and inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Hi Stacey, hope you’re having a great vacation and some r and r! Love your blog! Mary had fun seeing Caroline last week. Keep your posts coming. See you at DA soon.

    • Thanks Courtney! We’ve a great time – can’t believe it’s almost over. Caroline has had a whirlwind of a time up here this year.

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