Christian Siriano | New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

Christian Siriano, with his pretty Spring 2013 collection, seems to have officially left Project Runway behind and moved on to his deserved position as mainstream fashion designer. Inspired by the movement and costumes of ballet, specifically the American Ballet Theatre’s Dream Ballet, this collection featured soft and romantic colors and shapes. Looks for a “pretty but not perfect” ballerina in practice were styled by Antoinette Beenders, Aveda‘s global creative director and MAC‘s lead makeup artist Polly Osmond.

Christian Siriano

Daytime looks featured this lovely watercolor-like ballet print, fashioned, above, into a sleeveless blouse and cropped pant with an elegantly simple swing coat on top.

Christian Siriano It was also successful interpreted as a tailored oxford blouse and evening skirt.

Christian Siriano

Daytime looks varied from a sporty zip jacket and cropped pants in a metallic blue to a two tone dress with pleated skirt.

Christian Siriano

But the strength of the collection definitely lay in the more formal dresses, gowns and ensembles. The chiffon cowled blouse and palazzo pants on left and sleeveless maxi gown on right in the beautiful pastels, showed Siriano’s mastery of draping and flow. My shot below shows the graceful movement of the fabric.

Christian Siriano

Peplum continues to be a relevant shape for spring as seen in this elongated criss-cross halter bodice shown with another palazzo pant.

Christian Siriano

And while both the square neck mermaid gown and gold draped evening skirt are stunning from the front,

Christian Siriano

it was the view that I caught from the back that was the punctuation point!

Christian Siriano

Another stunning rear view I took of a beautiful long sleeve pearled gown

Christian Siriano

The pièces de résistance, however were the tulle gowns. This strapless tired one was a feminine frothy confection of layers.

Christiano Siriano

As I caught the model moving down the runway, you could see the romantic translucency of the floating layers.

Christian Siriano

The final look elicited audible oohs and aahs as the models emerged.

Christian Siriano

Three models, all in tulle applique dresses, walked in tandem down the runway, inspired by one of Siriano’s favorite Degas paintings, Three Ballet Dancers. They reminded me somehow of Hitchcockian heroines as I caught them walking away.

Christian Siriano

There is strength in numbers and the three romantic dresses together created a powerful final vision capping a strong showing for the designer.

Christian Siriano

All photos, unless otherwise noted as mine, by Amanda de Simone/ for

I look forward to hearing Siriano, along with Lela Rose (spring collection review coming soon) and Thom Felicia, discuss the relationship between fashion and interiors at the press breakfast at High Point next month – should be a very enlightening chat!

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13 Responses to Christian Siriano | New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

  1. Beautiful! I love your pictures!

  2. Franki Parde says:

    I luv’d Christian Siriano’s work (creativity) on “Project Runway” and even more now. Your “capture” of the pink “floating cloud” is ethereal! Soooo…are we going to see “pastel leather couches??” Hopefully, just “dreamy throws.” franki

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. This line is stunning. So magical, as all things ballet are.
    Thank you for sharing, Stacey.
    Happy Monday.

  4. I love how Christian and other designers embrace the feminine form. These designs are so fundamentally feminine and soft. Beautiful!

  5. Kris says:

    Christian is an incredible talent… beautiful designs!

  6. Tulle gowns!! Lovely. Inspired. Elegance. ox

  7. Lisa says:

    Stunning, simply stunning like a shop full of enjoyable confections. I see the palazzo pant is alive and well. :)

  8. He’s come a long way since the Project Runway days. Love those watercolor prints! Happy Monday, hope you have a very stylist week.

  9. Such beautiful designs! I definitely see the ballet inspiration and the first images also reminded me of watercolors! thanks for sharing!

  10. So pretty Stacey. I am looking forward to their talk at High Point too!

  11. Carla Aston says:

    This collection is so soft and feminine… I love how he played with texture in each piece as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. PGT says:

    all so pretty-thank you for your coverage, you must be floating around the house in tulle and flowers in your hair. pgt

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