Michael Kors Spring 2011

First was Michael Kors. A very popular show, the Theater was jam packed. This show, choreographed to lively renditions of Here Comes the Sun, felt like a slight departure for Kors. Like the back to nature theme of many of the other shows, the collection featured lots of neutrals and spring colors but was not as structured as usual. The shapes felt looser and easier, like an easy summer at the beach, and sported linen and gauzy textures.

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone and Robert Mitra

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone and Robert Mitra

There were great trenches

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone and Robert Mitra

including this spectacular saddle colored leather one

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone and Robert Mitra

This very cool and sexy swim suit – that I don’t quite understand how you swim in

And great combinations of texures

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone and Robert Mitra

None of the usual Kors body hugging sheath dresses or high heels. This was like a cool fresh breeze – he must have been at the beach when he designed this very casually chic collection.

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2 Responses to Michael Kors Spring 2011

  1. So jealous! My brother-in-law worked for Micheal for two years and I never got invited to one of his shows. Perhaps I should start shopping at Richards?? Great pictures and write-up!

    • quintessence says:

      You’re kidding?! I definitely would have wrangled an invite – bad brother-in-law. It was so much fun – already looking forward to February!

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