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Hudson Pines Rockefeller Estate Rockefeller Homes and Gardens

When you grew up, as I did, on the Hudson River, in the vicinity of Pocantico Hills, the Rockefeller name loomed large. In addition to their own stately homes, the family was largely responsible for so many generous gestures in the area, from the charming Union Church with its Matisse and Chagall windows, to the amazing Stone Barns Center to the Rockefeller State Park Preserve. …
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christies-doorman-colin-outside-8-king-street Behind the Scenes at Christie’s

This year, Christie’s is celebrating its 250th anniversary. And while there have been many special exhibitions and events this year at their outposts around the world, today I take you on a quick virtual trip online behind the scenes at the auction house where they have posted interviews and special relevant pieces for the occasion.…
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