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Susanna Salk and Frank de Biasi-1 At Home in New York City with Frank de Biasi

In a bland box of a lower Park Avenue pre-war, designer Frank de Biasi and partner, fashion and textile designer Gene Meyer, have fearlessly transformed their high rise rental into a personal, maximalist space. Timidity has no place here as family heirlooms, treasured collections and inventive decorative treatments live together in layered idiosyncratic harmony.…
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Alessandra Branca Designer Visions Bedrooms

At an enviable 4,800 square feet with three bedrooms, the Alessandra Branca Designer Visions duplex would have been a game changer for many of us who exiled the city seeking more space for our growing families. While the public spaces are convivial and open for shared family living and entertaining, the bedrooms are havens of cocooned coziness.…
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