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Sneak Peek at NY Now 2015

In anticipation of yet another big snow storm, I rushed into the city to see a bit of NY Now 2015. I was perhaps a bit overambitious thinking I could get home, edit my photos and report back to you. So, in the meantime, take a look at this sneak peek and I’ll be back shortly!…
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Peacock, Gloss & Glimmer at the NY Now Gift Show

While there didn’t seem to be any singular overwhelming trend at the gift show, some styles were seen at several of the booths. Peacock has been slowly making its way into many of the home collections over the past year or so.…
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NY Now | New Offerings from Old Favorites

Sunday I spent the day perusing the new set up at NY Now (otherwise known as the gift show). It wasn’t nearly enough time, especially now that many of the former Pier exhibitors are integrated into the Javits, but I spent the greater part of the day visiting old favorites to see their new fall offerings.…
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