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fashion and interiors - de Le Cuona Crocodile and Cashmere Fashion and Interiors Meet in Style at de Le Cuona

From the beginning, Bernie de Le Cuona has been known for her extensive knowledge and production of luxurious linens and other sumptuous materials, yet she has also always had an interest in the translation of her textiles to fashion and interiors as well as accessories.…
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Out & About Catching Up Out & About

I thought I would have time to bring you more in depth news today but it is already proving to be a busy week, so I offer you a snippet of what this week has in store. I had a chance yesterday to visit the de Le Cuona showroom for the stateside introduction of their elegant Crocodile & Cashmere collection as well as a chic creative collaboration between Bernie de Le Cuona and British fashion designer Katherine Hooker.…
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