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prussian blue in art Prussian Blue – The Art and Science of Color

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other morning, I stopped to “like” and admire a post on Charlotte Di Carcaci’s artful feed. Maria de los Dolores Collado and Echague by Vicente Palmaroli 1870-1 The gorgeous saturated color in the detail of this portrait (of Maria de los Dolores Collado and Echague by Vicente Palmaroli, 1870, that hangs in the Prado) reminded me how much I love Prussian blue.…
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Lindsay Coral Harper does color in House Beautiful Sneak Peek at a World of Color in House Beautiful

With the current state of white out this winter, I am delighted to share a sneak peek at a fresh project full of color in House Beautiful. Lindsey Coral Harper is a young designer who knows how to put an updated spin on tradition.…
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