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Delvaux Miniatures Belgitude cover image Delvaux Brillant

When you think of Belgium, french fries, beer, chocolate and Brussel sprouts may come to mind, their famous decor style, or their international position as capital of the European Union and home to NATO. Or perhaps you think of them as the center of the world’s diamond trade, or home to the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, famous artists such as Rene Magritte and fashion icons such as Dries van Noten.…
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Vintage Meets Modern at Nautic Lighting

While wandering the overwhelming halls at Maison et Objet, I was stopped by the stunning lighting at Nautic. Part of the Belgian lighting company Tekna, Nautic, celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, is an elegant architectonic line of bronze, copper, cast iron and brass lights.…
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