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James de Givenchy Taffin showroom Weekend Update

Sometimes, I’ve put something on the back burner for whatever reason and a nudge from my wanderings online and elsewhere will serve as a reminder to circle back around. As we approach the weekend, it seemed a good time to catch up on several people, places and product I’ve been meaning to mention. …
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Chanel pre-fall 2015 collection shown in Austria Austria in the Air and Other Online Gallavanting

You may remember last year at this time I suggested a visit to the Neue Galerie Gift Shop as all things Austria seemed to be in the air. Not only should you consider stopping by this season for a chic selection of design items perfect for the holidays but you can see the Schiele portrait exhibit and stop in the charming Café Sabarsky for some heisse getränke (hot beverages) and Viennese sweets to ward off the bitter weather.…
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Holiday Shop Picks | The Neue Galerie

I’ve been feeling it for a while – something gemütlich is in the air and it’s not just Sacher torte and Tostmann Trachten. A focus on Austria seems to be making the rounds. This week T Magazine shared an amazing art collection in a 17th century Austrian Manor and Travel + Leisure explained why “Food is reason enough to come to Vienna in winter.”…
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