Hand Painted & Crafted Cuff – SOLD

Exclusive & One-of-a-Kind

Produced only for Q Worthy, an exceptional offering for yourself or someone very special


A one of a kind, hand painted lucite cuff by Margo Larkin. Collectible, singed and numbered, wearable art.


For those who love a bold yet elegant fashion statement, this one of a kind, chic lucite cuff is the answer!  Created by Margo Larkin, who wanted to be able to wear her art, normally reserved for tableware (stay tuned), she sourced an artisan to hand make lucite cuffs to her exacting specifications. Inspired by Albertus Seba’s timeless illustrations of snakes, the symbol is as old as Adam and Eve yet utterly modern in this iteration. The cuff is hand molded and buffed with polished edges that are smooth to the touch and tapered with one side narrower so it conforms perfectly to your wrist. It is then painstakingly hand painted with the stylish snake motif and individually applied Swarovski crystals for just the right amount of subtle sparkle. Totally collectible wearable art. Signed and numbered. Whether in jeans and a tee or a simple black gown, you’ll never want to take it off. And for those who want to emulate Wonder Woman, a second coordinated cuff can be custom ordered.

2-3/4″ wide