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At Home in Connecticut with Charlotte Barnes

Having happily lived in the same suburban town for 20 years, designer Charlotte Barnes was not even considering a move… Read More

At Home in Connecticut at River Road Farm

Fifteen years ago, Robb Nestor and Bill Reynolds discovered what would become the masterpiece of their creative endeavors.  “We had… Read More


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Giuliva Handmade Brass Satirello Matches Box.

Satirello Matches Box

Handcrafted in Italy. Brass with gold finish, serial number, and small square for personalization. Hand-engraved lava stone illustrating the face of Satirello, symbolizing vice over virtue.
Soane Hurlingham Vase

Hurlingham Vase

The original. Large glass vase encased in rattan handwoven by Soane's expert weavers in England. 6 week lead time.

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Ellie Mac embroidered eyes

Ellie Mac Embroidery

Combining her background in vintage textiles with her training in leather work and free hand machine embroidery, Ellie Macdonald has… Read More

Eerdmans Holiday Bazaar

Eerdmans Holiday Bazaar

For the fifth year, Eerdmans Holiday Bazaar will be offering a discriminating selection of holiday gifts for every good adult… Read More