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A Taste of Paris Deco Off

In this fourth edition of Paris Deco Off, over 70 houses have participated in presenting their latest collections throughout the city. Welcoming visitors into their showrooms on the Rive Droite near Rue du Mail and the Rive Gauche in the Saint Germain de Près neighborhood, companies prepared stylishly so it was like a giant beautiful designed block party.…
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The Scottish Country House

The Scottish Country House counts as one of my favorite volumes this season. While I am dreadfully behind in my book reviews this year, I wanted to be sure to squeeze this wonderful title in before the holidays. More than merely a book on glorious interiors, this appeals to any who also love Scotland, art, architecture, history, and the people whose stories unite them.…
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Fortuny y Madrazo | An Artistic Legacy

It wasn’t until I saw the exhibit Fortuny y Madrazo: An Artistic Legacy at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute that I realized what an incredibly rich family history was behind this legendary talent. While we think of Fortuny as a name primarily associated with Venice, it is actually the strength of his familial Spanish heritage that fueled his passions.…
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