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Quintessential Guide to Champagne 2015 Quintessential Guide to Champagne 2014

While I am a proponent of drinking champagne throughout the year, there is certainly no more traditional time to celebrate with a glass of bubbly than on New Year’s Eve. And so I present this year’s edition of what has become an annual post – the Quintessential Guide to Champagne 2014. …
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Quintessential Guide to Champagne

Thin Man New Year's EveIn preparation for New Year’s Eve, everyone needs to know at least a little something about champagne. Long time readers may recognize some of this information, but since many of you are new to Quintessence this year, I am offering an updated version of this must-read guide before the holiday weekend!!…
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Wednesday Wines | Champagne 101

When considering what to feature for the Wednesday Wine post today, it didn’t take me long to decide – champagne is my drink of choice, especially for ringing in the new year. Quintessence wine expert, Terry Rogers of Horseneck Wines in Greenwich, was only too happy to accommodate!…
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