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Doris Leslie Blau | Expanding the Tradition

Founded in 1965, Doris Leslie Blau’s rug emporium is the stuff of design legends. For decades it was known as the go-to source for those seeking the best in the antique and avant-garde. And now owned for the last 15 years by Nader Bolour, to whom Doris turned over the business, the gallery has not only continued the tradition of carrying the best of antique and vintage pieces, but has also forged ahead to also create contemporary and custom rugs as well.…
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Robert Four | Aubussons for Yesterday & Today

Another Paris recommendation from designer Rachel Laxer is the Robert Four gallery. The largest manufacturers of Aubusson tapestry weaving, they carry on a 500 year old heritage of timeless tradition with innovative technique and modern artistry. Housing an enormous collection of ancient rugs and tapestries, they have also, since 1952, collaborated with famous artists of the day, creating modern tapestries using Aubusson manufacturing techniques.…
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