Spring Trompe L’Oeil Wicker Hamper – Pink


Trompe l’oeil wicker hamper with hinged top and pretty pink sash tie

Inspired by the iconic Fortnum & Mason wicker picnic baskets, this diminutive handmade trompe l’oeil version, from Scanlon Apparati,  is the perfect repository to stylishly store a variety of smaller items in any room. Hide all those unsightly charging cords or accumulated office necessities on your desk. Keep it on your entry console to corral house and car keys or even garage clickers. From bedroom, to study to any shelf situation, it’s sure to add functional chic to your or any lucky recipient’s home!

In a new warm wicker paper pattern, it features a hinged double weighted lid and lovely pink sash tie, it fits with any decor. Perfect for Easter, a baby gift or any place a pop of pale pink would do! Paper is wipeable.

Hamper size: H: 5-5/8″, W: 7″, D: 7″

A Scanlon Apparati exclusive for Q Worthy

Beth Scanlon’s exquisite cartonnage, decoupage and dioramas, under her label Scanlon Apparati, are coveted creations of functional art. And whether you are an art history cognoscenti (her work often has historical references) or merely admirer of her beautiful designs, it’s impossible not to appreciate her meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative vision. Influenced by a personal and romantic interpretation of Seventeenth Century Baroque decorations created with colored paper and canvas called Apparati, her work is a delight.