The House of Odiot

My eyes are always open for the beautiful. Beauty may be inherent in function, design, craftsmanship or mere essence but when it encompasses all, there is a story to be told. From the first time I saw Odiot in the NYC showroom of Julia Watts, I was intrigued.…

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Back from a Quick Spring Break

Followers on Instagram know that this past week our family took a quick spring break together to escape the polar vortex. So sorry if I forgot to give other readers a heads up to explain my absence in these parts. For those of you live in areas affected by our unrelenting winter weather, who haven’t had the opportunity to head to warmer climates, please enjoy a vicarious visit to the sunny south through some shots of our few days in Florida.…

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International House Guest Video with Susanna Salk and Timothy Corrigan

As the indomitable Ms. Vreeland taught us, the eye indeed has to travel, so today we are delighted to introduce a new video series, International House Guest. Our first episode takes us to the Loire Valley where designer Timothy Corrigan has meticulously renovated Château du Grand-Lucé, transforming this estate of impressive stature and significance into his chic french home.…

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Paris Chic at the Dior Home Boutique

When several of your chicest design friends all mention the same Paris shop as a must visit, it is duly noted. So although my recent trip was a short whirlwind visit, meeting with Doris Brynner at the Dior Home Boutique was a stop not to be missed.…

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New Outdoor Fabrics Blur the Boundaries

As the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living continue to dissolve, the choices for new outdoor fabrics are inversely multiplying. At Paris Deco Off, we saw the addition of several chic new collections from upscale lines. Like many of Dedar‘s fabrics, their new outdoor collection has sartorial roots.…

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Cartier at the Grand Palais Paris

There is a reason the exhibit of Cartier at the Grand Palais in Paris is subtitled “Style and History.” While many today may think of the jewelry firm merely as a purveyor of red carpet adornments and the latest “tank,”  it is in fact a house of style, representing  over a century and a half of artistic achievement.…

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Report from Paris Deco Off | Wallpaper Appeal

It was a pleasure to see the cheerful lanterns swinging above the streets in Saint Germain and Rue de Mail again this year for the fifth edition of Paris Deco Off.
Wallpaper And while my visit to the show was unfortunately brief, it was clear that wallpaper is continuing to have its moment.…

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New Passport Rules | Traveler Beware

Anyone who has seen me within the last week now knows of the new passport rules governing international travel. And while this may not be within my usual topic of discussion, I feel it prudent to share my recent experiences.
new passport rules
I was scheduled to leave for Paris the Tuesday evening before last.…

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Jacques Garcia’s Champ de Bataille

While his design career was launched with such contemporary projects as the Montparnasse Tower and the Meridien group of hotels, Jacques Garcia has been an avid antiques collector since childhood. Focussing primarily on the 17th and 18th centuries, he amassed an impressive collection including many royal pieces of furniture, art and objects.…

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Adventures in Paris

My apologies for leaving you readers so long without updates. I had fully intended to write from Paris but it turned out to be a whirlwind of a trip with a few twists in the road. I have just returned home and while working on catching up, I leave you with a little visual inspiration of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen, from several new collections at Paris Deco Off, to chic shopping finds and exhibits in Paris to magnificent historic chateaus.…

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