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Summer Travels

Those of you who follow along on Instagram have seen several highlights as I enjoy Nantucket’s mercurial weather and more consistent hospitality. I’ll continue to share some of my favorite spots on island with additional postings here when I visit places of particular interest.…
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Happy 4th!

As we celebrate the birth of our nation, wishing everyone a festive and happy 4th of July. Long may she wave! Happy 4th of Julyphoto by Quintessence
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Island Bound

This week I will be island bound, heading to Nantucket with some of my family for the fourth of July weekend. I am excited to be spending more time on island this year and look forward to sharing with you a bit of what makes this tiny island such a desired destination.…
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What to Serve on the 4th | Antonio Galloni Recommends the Best Rosés of the Season

With the holiday weekend ahead, it’s time to think about entertaining essentials. And while traditional meal options may range from burgers to BBQ or lobster, no drink has become more synonymous with the summer season than Rosé. With its light bright color and flavor, Rosé is a perfect choice for cocktails, pairs wonderfully with fish and seafood and the fuller flavored varieties are ideal with heavier and even spicy food.…
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The Luxury Education Foundation | Ten Years of Innovative Education

Behind the appeal of many luxury brands is the artistry, craftsmanship and attention to detail that set them apart. But how, in this age of need for speed and lack of formal apprenticeship programs, do young people interested in working in the world of luxury goods learn their craft?…
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Coach Pups and Doggy Devotion

Not just for years, decades or centuries, but for millennia, humans have been devoted to their dogs. From tiny chihuahuas to giant Newfoundlands, dogs complete our lives as few others can. And Coach is capturing our canine affections with their engaging new Coach Pups campaign.…
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Virtual Postcard | Susanna Salk in Iceland

The second installment of our new travel video series comes via my video partner, Susanna Salk, who recently traveled on a family vacation to Iceland. This nordic nation with its vast natural resources and friendly, happy population has been having a renaissance.…
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A Cinematic Tribute to Father’s Day

Including fathers in film from Atticus Finch to Darth Vader and many more, this cinematic tribute to Father’s Day represents the full range of emotions that fatherhood entails. From hilarity to heartbreak, you can’t help but be moved by this short mash up of classic moments. …
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The Timeless Charm of Hayley Sarno Prints

For those of you (and I hope that’s all of you) who follow Susanna Salk’s and my video series, you will have noticed our fun new opening. We’ve received so much enthusiastic feedback about the animated illustrations by Hayley Sarno that add such timeless charm to each new episode.…
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Gift of Fragrance by Hermès

When compiling my list earlier this week for June discoveries, I accidentally omitted this wonderful find. Over the years, I have unfortunately had my favorite fragrances discontinued on several occasions. It is always so disappointing, like losing a best-loved accessory. Most recently it was Calèche Eau Delicate, a lighter version of the classic fragrance by Hermès which I had been using for almost a decade.…
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