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At the Movies with Lalique

Reader alert – for those of you expecting a regular movie review, please note that this is an At the Movies of a slightly different sort. Creative collaborations have been springing up all over in both fashion and decor. I reported last month about the spectacular table Philip Gorrivan designed in conjunction with Lalique for the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Dinner.…
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My Day at Oscar – the Furs

It all began with the furs. The new collection at Richards was the ultimate temptation. In fabulous spring colors and fun wearable styles, it beckoned me every time I passed by. I think I tried on every coat or jacket in my size – on numerous occasions!…
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Neuwirth’s Natural Beauty

Irene Neuwirth‘s statement jewelry has major IT girl appeal. Ever since college when she started dabbling with beaded jewelry as a hobby, people have been drawn to her unique sense of color and proportion. In 2000, with a capsule collection created from a tiny investment, Neuwirth sent her samples to Barney’s.…
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