Splendor on Park Avenue

Designer Eric Hilton must have felt like he won the trifecta with this client  – a wonderful Park Avenue location, original Renzo Mongiardino interiors and an impressive collection of A-list artwork. The theme of Veranda‘s January/February issue is the Best of the Best and this apartment certainly qualifies.

Splendor on Park Avenue

Dealing with works from such masters as Degas, Bonnard, Modigliani and Maillol, Hilton needed to create settings that were formal enough to properly showcase the artwork yet relaxed enough in which to live and entertain comfortably. As the designer explained, “Even though they own museum-quality pieces, they don’t want to live in period spaces.”

Splendor on Park Avenue

Replacing a dark tobacco damask on the living room walls, above, with a pale aqua linen from Holland & Sherry, Hilton created an elegant yet understated background that serves as a gracious foil for the artwork and furniture. Gorgeous Japanese 17th c. lacquer cabinets anchor the room. Gold tones are echoed on the fabulous vintage giltwood French settee and armchairs by Paul Jallot, updated with a Prelle silk pattern on the front and balanced by a Holland & Sherry wool on the sides and back. In fact, the entire apartment is a delicate balancing act.

Splendor on Park Avenue

In the study, the original Renzo Mongiardino wallpaper was left intact. As Hilton explained, “When you have this superlative level of quality, the high-low thing doesn’t really work. Everything has to be on the same level or it stands out.” So here a 19th-c. pedestal and Italian bronze vase sit in front of the tromp-l’oeil walls with a vintage French armchair and 19th c. gueridon from Florian Papp.

Splendor on Park Avenue

The husband’s dressing room is classic yet not stuffy. Hilton even injected a lighthearted touch with upholstery tape mimicking paneled molding on the Holland & Sherry flannel walls. And while the bookcases may be French 19th c., they are now receptacles for the gentleman’s shirts. It all feels respectful yet polished and updated with the experienced hand of a designer who among many other projects, created the looks for all the Holland & Sherry showrooms.

Splendor on Park Avenue

The handsome bathroom is another Mongiardino designed space. It leads into the ethereal master bedroom, below, swathed in soothing pale green silks, replacing bottle-green velvet walls and heavy draperies. A custom bed, chair and ottoman provide restful spots amid this tranquil oasis. Hilton has orchestrated a successful symphony of balanced players, providing ultimately, a lesson in how to live with what you love.

Splendor on Park Avenue

Be on the lookout for the upcoming  January/February Veranda for the Best of the Best.

all photos by Oberto Gili

14 thoughts on “Splendor on Park Avenue

  1. What a “fresh eye” can do for an already wonderful setting!! I agree, that aqua wallpaper is stunning…and that tromp-l’oeil mural..aah, be still my heart. franki

  2. My favorite quote on RM: “His client roster reads like a kidnapper’s wish list!” Clearly Hilton’s roster is as enviable. Cannot wait for Veranda to drop in my mailbox!

  3. Just so you all know, that is not wallpaper in the study. The trompe l’oeil was painted onto custom fitted panels, perhaps plasterboard or wood, and shipped over from Italy. There is hand-painted wallpaper in the apartment in the entry gallery and dining rooms, which have decorative finishes such as marbleizing and woodgraining (if you look on the second photo, through the doorway, you can see the faux marquetry on the very back wall of the next room, which is the dining). I did the majority of the decorative finishing elsewhere in the apartment for Eric Hilton. It was great to see all the existing work, and those panels of trompe l’oeil are spectacular.


  4. Are you sure this is Renzo Mongiardino wallpaper and not marquetry ??I think its marquetry trompe loeil as I’m pretty sure I have it in one of my books ….love your blog it’s a pleasure to read and learn through your eyes !!!

    • This is marquetry and a very famous piece of Mongiardino, you are absolutely right. A team of italians was invited by Mongiardino to execute it and the savoir-fair wich it was made with turns this wall in a work of art, can´t even think it would have been brought down.

  5. Oh dear just realized the answer to my question was posted above mine , thanks Jeff,I felt it was too spectacular to be written off as wallpaper …it’s a true piece of art that wall…as a decorative artist myself I’m in awe …

    • Janan, didn’t see your post until today, but thought you’d like to know that the trompe l’oeil is 360• in that room. It’s an entire cityscape as if you’re looking off a balcony from each wall. Pretty spectacular, actually, and perfectly measured and fitted in that room.

  6. Janan, didn’t see your post until today, but thought you’d like to know that the trompe l’oeil is 360• in that room. It’s an entire cityscape as if you’re looking off a balcony from each wall. Pretty spectacular, actually, and perfectly measured and fitted in that room.

    • The bed in the master bed was designed by Eric Hilton. It is completely custom. He designs and gets craftspeople to make much of his furniture. The bed is fantastic. Some of his furniture, mostly little tables, can be found at Holland & Sherry. His vision is to open his own shop in NYC to sell his furniture. It is all remarkable.

      You can contact him by going to his website and go to contact. http://www.erichiltonltd.com

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