Changes on the Horizon

Photo by Max Kim-Bee

I had a few technical difficulties today so my planned post will appear next week. Instead I will tell you about some little improvements that are happening around the quintessential abode. I have mentioned occasionally around the blogosphere how I’ve been planning to update my powder rooms. Well after much internal debating, I have finally made a decision for the formal one. Inspired by the powder room at Boxwood, above, the Gil Schafer/David Netto Nashville renovation that appeared in Veranda this month, which I recently featured as well, I am going to use the same paper – a fabulous dense Cole and Sons toile I fell in love with. Thankfully my husband likes it also. It’s a deep inky navy which will pick up the blue in a lovely tufted George Sherlock bench upholstered with a classic Hodsoll Mckenzie linen velvet that sits in the entry outside this room.

I have some electrical work to take care of (moving the sconces, selecting and installing new ones and hiding the large unnecessary high hats in the soffit) as well as some carpentry (adding a chair rail and faux panels) as well as a few other minor hardware (new doorknobs) and fixture (new faucet) details that I will just quietly change without burdening the other half of this client team (subtle wink). This is an interior windowless room that I am hoping to transform into a tiny jewelbox.


Secondly, many of you may remember that both Little Augury and My Dog Eared Pages featured the beautiful work of photographer Ivan Terestchenko. I was instantly smitten with his exquisite imagery and purchased the two prints above (since I own them, I thought it would be permissible for me to shown them)  from his portfolio entitled Interieurs Couture, a collection of 30 photographs in platinum palladium of interiors from famous couturiers during the last twenty years. The top is of Manolo Blahnik’s bath and the bottom of Yves Saint Laurent’s desk. They finally came today and they are even more splendid than I imagined. The paper, printing and level of details are superb. I can’t speak highly enough of both the artistic and tactile quality of these gorgeous works of art. Once they are framed and up, I will show them again. I have a lovely spot in mind.

These are the first projects in this house I am featuring and although they are very small, I am hoping they will be interesting to follow along.

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36 Responses to Changes on the Horizon

  1. Kathysue says:

    I love to design bathrooms they are my favorite rooms to do . Your plans sound amazing and I am in love with your navy toile it is so elegant. I am looking forward to following along on this journey!!! Powder rooms should always be jewel boxes and yours is definitely going to be one!KS

  2. Greet says:

    You powder room will look terrific! Love that paper on the above image of Veranda!!
    And those prints are wonderful! I am going to check this photographer’s website!
    I am looking forward to see your finished powder room!!

  3. Jane Schott says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished look. I love doing small power rooms.
    Here’s my question: why didn’t they paper the white square area above the sink in the first photo? I would have papered it…now it just screams white square.

  4. Great pick on the wallpaper, it is going to look fabulous! XO

  5. pve says:

    Lovely. I would love to see a pendant hanging….like that green light in the top image or a clear glass sconce. Have you seen the Henry pendant from Waterworks? That paper and those photos are lovely. Perhaps the paper will be enough – those artful photos would command attention in any room….but perhaps the powder room they will in fact do just that.

  6. Barbara says:

    I am so happy to see the beautiful selections you made from Ivan’s work! The YSL desk vignette is one of my favorites. The glowing lights and darks and compositional quality of Ivan’s work could sit superbly against the Cole & Sons paper. Is that your plan? I guess we will wait and see… brava!

  7. The walllpaper is amazing and I can’t wait to see your finished bathroom. Cute I try not to burden the other half of my design team too. Love your prints and might have to get the MB print as well. Thank you for sharing!

  8. elle says:

    I like your inspirations and this will be fun to watch your design abilities unfold. I hope you’ll keep us updated weekly once it begins. Will you consider advising on your readers’ spaces? Have a great day.

  9. I love that you are showing your bathroom fantasy, the real bathroom and now I’m so excited to see the finished project. I agree those photographs are incredibly detailed and beautiful….I love Barbara’s blog MydogearedPages and she has been an inspiration to me and pop over there often. Will stop over to Little Augury as well. As always, I’m enjoying your musings. xo tamara

  10. Wow! That wallpaper is divine, and the prints just gorgeous. You are off to a terrific start and I’m looking forward to seeing the project progress. We remodeled all of the bathrooms in our home when we bought it two years ago–right on the after redoing two in my old house. I think the powder room turned out to be one of my favorites. Have fun!

  11. What a wonderful selection for paper, I love the navy toile, it is going to look very elegant. It is such fun watching the process with our “ringside seats”!

    Sending you a smile,

  12. Eddie Ross says:

    Love the wallpaper in the first picture!
    I hope you are having a great week!

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  14. Mark D. Ruffner says:

    You are fortunate to have a truly blank space from which to start. My bathroom is black and yellow tile from the 1940s. I’m sticking with it since it’s well done and not at all offensive, but it’s also meant that there are color and design constraints. Not a bad thing, but a challenge.

  15. Are you kidding, I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation. I love watching rooms transform, love it. I also like a glamorous and daring powder room. Can’t wait!

  16. Love, love that wallpaper. Your powder room will be a jewel box, indeed. The prints are so lovely too. Can’t wait to see them framed and what you will do with them. Looking forward to following along with these projects. Powder baths can be so fun. One of my favorites to work on.

  17. Will be gorgeous, q! I love the floors in your bathroom.
    Hope your week is going well.

  18. Danielle says:

    Wow, I am truly looking forward to the after of your powder room…it’ll be so dreamy! And those prints are fabulous as well…I love to see where people choose to hang their treasured art work. I need to take pictures of my father-in-laws condo soon, as his entire place is covered in framed artwork and family photos.
    Hope all is well! Danielle

  19. I believe we think alike, Q. I always have everything completely thought through before any work is begun. Your choices are lovely & so is the work of the photographer (those prints: to die for). Keep us “posted” on going’s on as you progress, it will be so much fun to see what happens. Sending love…

  20. love the wallpaper…so bold yet still refined…and above all it’s a classic…looking forward to seeing the finished lav and to see the prints framed and hung…
    I love befores and afters…so fun..

  21. Powder rooms are the perfect place to go all out. With a tiny space, you can make a huge design impact and that inky navy toile will do just that!!

    Love your new acquistions and I know they will look smashing once framed.

    Keep sharing your project…’ve got such a well trained eye, it’s like a crash course in design!

  22. That is going to be amazing! You know how to do it right! Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  23. Oh my, I am crazy crazy crazy for those prints. Sigh. AND the toile. Gorgeous and yet not fussy because of the deep color.

    Like the others, I can’t wait to watch your project unfold–thanks for sharing it with us!

  24. That is such a great project and I adore that wallpaper. I cant wait to see the finished product. Hope you are having a fantastic day, darling

  25. mary jo says:

    That wallpaper is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how your powder room comes out, it seems that you have thought it out very well, so it should be wonderful! And those final two images, I love as well. Can’t wait to see where you put them once they’re framed.

    xo Mary Jo

  26. I love what you’ve done and that wallpaper is wonderful! xx

  27. kathi says:

    Hi Thanks for your comment this morning! my favorite colors are navy, lapis, teal and turquiose with black accents……….the deep blues sooth me. The big toile wallpaper in your small room will be lovely.

  28. slim paley says:

    I LOVE a bold statement in powder rooms- I think the large toile in such a rich colour is going to be really fun! Can’t wait to see the end result.

    PS. Is it just me, or don’t you think they should have papered that small area of ceiling in the Veranda photo?? I would have :)

  29. The bathroom featured in Veranda caught me eye too. The wallpaper is spectacular and it is sure to look wonderful in your powder room too. Also, those are wonderful prints you purchased and I’m off to check out the source. Thanks for the links. And thank you too, for all the very kind comments you’ve recently left on my blog . Much appreciated.

  30. This is exciting! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  31. david Toms says:

    This is really going to turn out fabulous! The wallpaper is stunning and the sink and the bust inspiration! I could go on and on.

  32. So looking forward to photos of the finished powder room. It’s going to be beautiful! Also, those photographs are fabulous- so happy to have found this little bit of info.

  33. Gorgeous – and so envious of Ivan’s prints. Can’t wait to see it complete.

  34. jule at BV says:

    Your bathroom is going to turn out absolutely stunning and love the prints.

    I hope you have an excellent weekend.

  35. Looks like you have a great start with some nice plumbing fixtures! Love the wallpaper and photographs! It will be beautiful. Can’t wait to follow along and see the end result.

  36. I love that paper and I used the fabric for a summer throw on my mohair couches. would love to do a whole room in summer slipcovers in this. I love Ivan’s photos you selected- I was tempted on the YSL desk too-I ended up with the Chanel sofa in front of that gorgeous Chinese screen. pgt

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