#Jingletweet Preparations Underway

With #Jingletweet just around the corner on Thursday night, I’m afraid my elfly duties have taken over. My original post planned for the day will appear in a day or two. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at what Ridgely and I have been up to!!…
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Creative Collaboration: Legos in London

My love for legos is no secret. I have written about them before here and people who know me understand my mild obsession admiration for this incredibly clever and creative product. Did you know that since their introduction in 1949, legos have become the most popular toy in history?…
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Country Charm in the Garden

On our way to visit Dominique Browning for our BEHIND THE Q weekend, Dr. Pat and I first stopped in to visit a longtime friend of hers, Andrew Grossman at his lovely home in Seekonk, MA. Although Pat had sung his praises as a landscape designer extraordinaire, little did I know the treat I was in for.…
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Wednesday Wine

This week is all about celebrating the 4th of July. So for our Wednesday Wine, Terry has found a way to commemorate our national holiday with a relatively new American winery and a spin on one of our traditional favorite foods for the 4th.…
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On Father’s Day

Hard to believe but if he were still here, he would be 100!
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Did You Know?

Aside from finding new sources for design, art, fashion, food and any other of my many obsessions, I just love learning interesting and quirky facts. Maybe my unintentional accumulation of information is the reason I can’t remember people’s names or where I’ve put things – I have all this extraneous enlightenment taking up precious space in my gray matter.…
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Wednesday Wine

This week we are taking a mini sabbatical from wine to pay homage to the upcoming Kentucky Derby. I asked Terry for her take on libations for this special event and of course she had the perfect response!! There are many avenues one can travel down in life but I believe there are certain experiences that we should all have at least once.…
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At the Movies

In thinking of a royal wedding related movie, there were several obvious options including the famous Fred Astaire classic, Royal Wedding. But not one to ever gravitate toward the obvious, I decided to go with another classic – one that I felt that was even more appropriate on this auspicious occasion.…
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At the Movies

As you know, I try, if possible, to coordinate the week’s posts with my movie pick. Since the past few days featured an art opening and dazzling jewelry, I thought the very glamorous 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair would be perfect.…
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Getaways Guest Blog

I’m delighted to report that today you can find me guest posting (yes, again) in Toronto, Canada. I hope you’ll join me while I visit the lovely Connie at Sogni e Sorrisi where I’ll be discussing my favorite vacation spot. Here’s a little hint Whether talking about fashion Design Food Books or her favorite TV shows, you can always count on Connie for a dose of stylish fun!!…
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