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Midipy and More from Maison et Objet

Among the thousands of exhibitors at Maison, I was delighted to discover Midipy, a French brand looking to revive the heritage of the century old wool mills and weavers’ workshops of the Pyrenean mountain valleys. With skills handed down by generations, they have translated these traditional and authentic goods into a stylish line of beautiful blankets, rugs and leather products.…
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Tabletop Royalty

For those wondering what to get the royal couple, Kate and William have asked guests to make donations to selected charities rather than buying them lavish presents. While I applaud that noble gesture, I couldn’t resist making some registry-like tabletop selections for their new home in conjunction with the furniture that is being chosen for our Royal Wedding contest.…
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To the Manor Born

I am already mourning the end of Downton Abbey. Oh how is it possible that we have in such a short time exhausted each and every episode? And how is it possible that the gentlemanly Julian Fellowes could choose to leave us hanging in such a manner – I would have expected better form!…
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Happy Thanksgiving

From my home to yours. Here is where we will be having our meal later today. I wish you, dear readers, the very best wishes on Thanksgiving for you and your family.
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Turkey Tabletop

Before we are catapulted into the “big” holiday of the season, I wanted to pay un petit homage to, what seems this year, to be the orphan child of celebrations. Thanksgiving offers so many lovely decorating opportunities that seem to be somewhat overlooked in favor of the overwhelming holiday coming down the pike.…
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This Old House

Almost four years ago, we downsized and moved to a more modest house next door – yes, next door. With our third child about to go away to school, my husband understandably decided that we didn’t need such a large and expensive-to-run house any more.…
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Brilliant Box

How could I not have known about 212box. Designers for the thinking man (the term referring to the unisex global form of man), this is exactly the kind of company I find intriguing. A totally comprehensive firm, they tackle everything from graphic and product design to architecture and  advertising.…
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